Colorado Springs – A Must Visit Place in Winter

Colorado Springs is getting popular day by day for living in USA. It is the city having all facilities to enjoy latest lifestyle. Colorado is located at the middle of Colorado near the famous rocky mountain. It is the place having spectacular sister cities. There are lots of places in Colorado Springs where you can go and have fun with your friends and family. You can have lots of gardens and water falls to visit in Colorado. Colorado Springs Homes have awesome view outside from home. You can see mountain and greenery every around you whenever you look outside from the window of your home.

Colorado is the city having beauty of nature. It is the place having lots of mountains and waterfalls. The beauty of Colorado Springs in winter time is at its best. You will be pleased to see the glory of nature. As I said earlier it is the place surrounded with mountains. Those mountains are covered by the snow at the winter time. It looks awesome to watch so that lots of visitors and tourists come to this place in winter. You can enjoy ski and skate-board ride during this time for 24 hours. Hear you can also meet some good dancers and children music stars at the same time.

There are lots of festivals celebrated by the people of Colorado Springs. There is a music festival for children. You will be able to see some real good music performances by the children. It is the best time to find the talent in children. If you are a music lover then you can afford to miss visit this place in winter. There are lots music festivals celebrated at Colorado in winter. You will surly enjoy that music events by famous music groups in Colorado.

Hotels and restaurants in Colorado area provide extraordinary facilities to their customers in winter. You will be delighted by eating some really testy and healthy food in spring’s area. People usually like to have some Mexican food in winter time. There are lots of restaurants which provide decent Mexican food. Night party in winter is another thing that not to miss especially in winter. There are lots of night clubs in Colorado Springs where you can enjoy turning with friends.

Lot more activates take place in Colorado at winter time. This all can happen because of the spectacular weather of Colorado. This all things increase the tourism in Colorado and its neighborhood. It affects a lot to the economy of Colorado. That increases the Colorado Springs Real Estate and other businesses. That we will see in my upcoming article.

How to become a welder $ 100K

Welding is not well understood by industry

Contrary to popular belief, it is a deep and complex industry. Far from the "Dinosaur", welding & # 39 is the glue that holds our world together. So, where jobs in welding? Since the shop class was closed in favor of computer & # 39; computer technology in many US schools are short 200,000 welders (if the economy is operating at the normal level).

Which welding are you doing?

Unemployment in North Dakota in March 2010 was 4.3% in the middle of the worst recession in history. Burger flippers were offered signing bonuses! Why? Because North Dakota has huge deposits of shale oil and technology, finally allowing it to be pumped out – it is profitable at $ 70 oil price per barrel. 6G pipe welders demand everywhere shale oil is pumped.

What is 6G Pipe Welder?

Welders are certified for the various provisions and processes. The most common position 1G (flat) through 6G, which from the & # 39 is an open root (air gap), a connection between two pieces of pipe (usually 6 "Schedule 40 steel). Test compound tubes mounted on a support in a fixed position of 45 degrees. Probably less than 5% of certified welders 6G «code welders». 6G welders get the most money for welding.

Which 6G Pipe Welder can earn?

Although wages dropped from the boom years, pipe welders with their own "rig" (welder truck) in Alberta, Canada, were on average $ 330,000 per year, according to the American Welding Society Bulletin October 2007 6G welders off -shore oil drilling make $ 100kA year now. Any good 6G welder in the pipeline or the oil industry – in the worst case makes $ 60,000 a year.

In the US, if you are well-6G, and are ready to travel, you are working

In the US, if you can master the skill of hand and eye, which is 6G welding, it does not matter if you can read and write. Why? welds pipes have to undergo X-ray inspection, because no one can see the inside of the weld. It does not matter how much education in the classroom you have – if you can not weld seams, which will be held X-ray, you're not a welder 6G. If you do not have a formal education, but you can go through the X-ray examination, Nothing Else Matters. All that matters is you «Own The Skill». It takes learning the basics 6G, and then it takes practice, practice, practice.

Nothing worth having is easy

Nevertheless, there are real short cuts to become a welder 6G. Not everyone can do it. About 70% of the existing structural welders are able to learn. Probably 50% of the general population has a natural ability of the eye and hand to perform 6G.

Weird Snow in Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado has weird snow, plain and simple. I grow up in the Midwest. Snow does not normally faze me. That said, I still find Estes Park snow to be notetworthy. Here are the top five reasons why I find it so strange:

One: The town has measurable snow fall every month of the year except July and August. Granted it is a minuscule amount during June and September but still it exclusively snows all year long except a couple months. I contend, however, that one summer I was driving in town while watching snowflakes and marble-sized hail pound the roof of my car and it was the middle of August. Luckily the storm only rented a few minutes before clearing.

Two: A lot of snow falls in the spring. In fact March is the month with the largest average amount of snowfall and April comes in at fourth. (February and December are second and third.) Snowfall precipitation usually drops off considering in the month of May however, the first week of May last spring I woke up to eighteen inches of snow in my driveway after a freak all-day storm. Not only was it a huge amount of snow but it fell continuously over a twenty-four hour period, not intermittently as is often the case.

Three: Predicting snowfall depths is difficult at best. The surrounding local mountains and continental divide create their own weather systems. One morning my yard had no snow at all on the ground while a neighbor a mile away had a couple inches. Differences in snowfall depths are routinely even more dramatic between the west and east side of nearby mountains.

Four: The snow disappears quickly. Yes, the town has an excellent snow removal system but there is more going on here than just that. It's almost like magic how fast it will clear sometimes. One reason I have heard for the phenomenon is that the ground is so porous that the snow drains away so quickly you do not realize it is melting. Hmmm. Not so sure about that reason. But I do know that sublimation occurs where the snow bypasses the liquid phase and goes directly into a gas phase as in water vapor. This is likely to happen when the air is especially dry and windy.

Five: Thundersnow can take place as in a thunderstorm with snow instead of rain. It is a rare occurrence in the United States and can only be described as bazaar as you watch lighting and hear thunder while watching it snow outside.

What are the best places to find a retirement plan?

If you want to find a retirement plan there are some good places where you can look at. You just need to know the best places, so that you can start your search for the right plan.

First of all, you must understand that not all plans are the same. You have to go according to plan carefully and very carefully to be sure that this is the best for you before you choose it.

Secondly, you must understand that participation in these plans are not the same in different US states. Understanding that each state offers helps determine the right place to find a plan that will work best for you.

Where do you get your plan will depend on where you live. It's always a good idea to take the time to do your research on plans pension plans, which are available in the country you live in the ground. Then do a search for other plans in other countries, in order to compare them and see how they differ.

Midwest and states of the north-east of the U.S had the highest rates for employees participating in these plans, with a list of Wisconsin in the section with 68%. The state of South, West, and Southwest had the lowest levels of participation. Florida was the lowest at 42%.

Now, here are some of the other best places that you can use to find a plan that is right for your retirement.

1. Wisconsin – They had a 67.7 percent rate of employees who participated in pension plans.

2. Iowa – If 66.9% participation.

3. North Dakota – They were a little bit lower level of 65.8 percent.

4. Connecticut – Their proportion was 65%

These are just some of the best places to get a good retirement plan. Again, you want to make sure that you look at the plans for your state before you look elsewhere. Most plans should be able to you live, but you should do some research to determine what is true.

Just remember that if you want to find a pension plan, it is a good idea to not rush your decision and be sure to look at each plan you can find. This will help to ensure that you make the best decision possible for retirement. Do not wait, because your retirement will be here before you know it, and have a retirement plan is essential to be able to enjoy this time of your life.

Weight Loss Surgery in Colorado

Colorado is getting fatter. Despite our reputation as the slimmest state in the Union, the truth is that more Coloradans than not overweight. In fact, more than 53% of the population of the State of Colorado is overweight or obese.

A person is considered obese if he or she is significantly above a healthy weight. What constitutes a healthy weight? It's determined by your body mass index (BMI). If you have a BMI of at least 25 are considered overweight. A BMI of 30 or above is considered obese. You can calculate your BMI by multiplying your weight in pounds by 703, and dividing this figure by your height in inches squared.

Obesity is taking a tremendous toll on our state, not just in money, but in lives. It is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, and may lead to co-morbidities, which are other life-threatening illnesses related to obesity. , Common co-morbidities include Type II diabetes, heart conditions, and hypertension.

What's more, obesity-related medical expenses cost us Coloradans approximately $ 874 million per year. And since Colorado's perennial ranking as one of the nation's leanest states, data based on trends from the latest Colorado Health Survey shows that within the next eight years, the portion of the Colorado population that is obese will likely rise to 66% or higher.

As a result, many scientists and doctors believe that the obesity epidemic is the most serious health threat facing the population of our state.

Losing the Weight

Many Coloradans who are living with obesity try gimmicks to lose their excess weight: fad diets, exercise programs, even so-called weight-loss pills. Some sufferers lose significant weight in this fashion, but many quickly regain it after they suspend their weight loss program. Others lose no weight – and wreck their health trying.

Fortunately, another option exists: weight loss surgery. Research shows that bariatric surgery can ease or even resolve obesity-related medical conditions, such as diabetes, in individuals who have a BMI of 35 or higher. It can also help people who are obese and do not have any co-morbidities to reach a healthy weight and reduce their chances of developing weight-related health problems in the future.

About Weight Loss Surgery

The three main types of weight loss surgery are malabsorptive, restrictive, and combination, each with different risks and benefits. Over the long-term, patients who undergo the Lap-Band or gastric bypass surgery lose approximately 55% of their excess weight on average. For this reason, many doctors consider bariatric surgery to be the best means of ensuring long-term weight loss success. However, like all forms of surgery, weight loss surgery presents the patient with a risk of major postoperative complications, including anemia, nutritional deficiencies, and gallstones.

Considering Surgical Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery is effective because it cuts a patient's caloric intake, which is the only proven mechanism for weight loss. By limiting the patient's food consumption, the surgery decreases how much food-and there before how many calories-a patient can consume.Once the number of calories the patient takes in per day drops below the threshold of the person's daily metabolic needs, he or she will lose weight. Simply put, those who have successful bariatric surgery feel hungry less often and feel full more quickly, causing them to eat smaller portions and drop pounds.

Although weight loss surgery can be a true lifesaver, it is no magical cure-all. Surgery is a tool, not a complete solution to the problem of obesity. Surgery only makes sense when part of a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss surgery patients who fail to adopt healthier eating and activity habits, or who refuse to follow postoperative instructions, may regain any weight lost or suffer other negative health effects.

Weight loss surgery is a powerful weapon in Colorado's fight against obesity. Like all weapons, however, it is not to be used casually. Before deciding to undergo weight loss surgery, individuals who suffer from obesity should first consult with their primary care physician and carefully weigh the risks and possible outcomes of different bariatric procedures.

Amateur radio call signs

The call letters were very easy to say to each Ham Operator in the United States

an area in which the United States Ham they said was from! A call was from 6

California or a state near or 0 call was in New York or the state near New York City,

they do not even need to look at the call map! today, amateur radio

It can move from North Carolina where four call in Texas, where five challenges and

4 keep their call.

Call sign (in the United States) consists of one or two letters, numbers, and one

three letters. The first part of the call letters denote what country they are

by, and US A, AA – AK K, CO – CC, CM – kW, the KX – SHORT, N, NA – NK,

NM – NW, NM – NW, NX – NZ, WA – WK, WM – WO, WQ – WW, and WX – WZ.

In addition, in the United States, AA – AK was released only amateur Extras.

Each country has been assigned the designation of the country by the governing body.

This group consists of representatives from around the world

The only exception is with regard ham, but all communications. I do not

I am going to get to the destination countries. There are several schemes

is available showing the different notation and the country it belongs to.

Account in the call sign says that part of the United States they are.

0 (zero) said that they are in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri,

Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota.

1 callsigns Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode

Island, Vermont.

2: New Jersey, New York.

3 Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.

4 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina,

Tennessee, Virginia.

5 of & # 39 is Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas.

6 of & # 39 is California.

7 from the & # 39 is Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming.

8 of & # 39 is Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia.

9 Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin.

Hawaii and Alaska have a slightly different scheme in their call signs.

AL0-7, KL0-7, NL0-7, WL0-7 Alaska.

AH6-7, KH6-7, NH6-7, WH6-7 Hawaii.

The first part of the call letters said that the country ham call was from and

Room said that the area, the last three of which call letters have never issued

Ham in another call sign which has the same first letter and the zone number.

This makes the call only one of its kind in the world.

This call may consist of one of letters, numbers, letters and more than 1. Alaska

or Hawaii real challenge may be two letters, number and one letter!

As mentioned earlier, it was very easy to speak about the operator of an amateur you

talk to! Currently, there is also the call signs we call Vanity Call US here.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) allow the hams used to call

it means something to them. If your dad, aunt, or someone you know have

call at the same time that you wanted, you could ask for, to call (for small

board), yet still I had that character. If your name is Joe, you could have those

letters for the last three to your call sign (if no one else had them with others

letters and numbers) in the framework of Vanity calls.

When applying for the vacant signs of pride of calls that can be made available to you,

You should know that it depends on the class of license. first class

Licensees can largely choose any unoccupied call sign of the United States. extended class

licensees may not seek 1×2, 2×1 or 2×2, which begin with the letter "A" as they

additional callsigns class type. What this means is that you can not search

callsign, which is higher than the current government license, but can take up the challenge

a sign that exactly or lower body, you already have!

Sun, as of April 2000 is not out of & # 39 is a mandatory requirement for any Morse

Amateur radio operators test, and there are only three levels

(Technician, General and Extra class) licensing.

Survey after that date will be given only to the technician, general and

The highest grade. Hamsa, licensed by categories that will no longer be

«Grandfathered», so that they can work as long as the old license remains

in reality. It may be somewhere around 10 years, as the length of


So during this time, or perhaps never at all you can ever say anything about

Ham operator that you or another Ham talking, except that

the country they are from! Guess what it is best to ask them where they are!

Garmin Oregon and Colorado GPS Review

Garmin has produced some great handheld GPS receivers over the last few years including the 60csx which we depend on during our on the job back country trips. This unit basically works to provide accuracy and repeatability 90 percent of the time. Recently two new models have been released to replace or improve on the 60csx.

The first model is called the Colorado and at a distance its profile looks similar to that of the venerable 60. However up close you will find that its display screen is much larger and it does not have any physical keys for data input. At the top of the unit is a large wheel similar to that found on some portable music players that are so popular. The larger 3 inch TIFT screen is an improvement however it is not as easy to view in full sunlight as older Garmin models. If you are into Geocaching then this unit will make playing the game a lot easier since you can download data directly making the exercise essayless paperless.

The Garmin Oregon is the newest of the handheld mapping GPS models to enter the market. Like the Colorado it has the larger 3 inch screen which makes viewing map details much easier. The physical texture of the screen is not as shiny as the Colorado which reduces the amount of reflection during daylight operations. However daylight viewing in full sunlight is also poor even with full backlighting. The largest difference comes from the fact that both the antennae and wheel are missing from this unit. The Oregon's inputs with exception of 3 buttons including the power on are done via touch screen. This is a great improvement in terms of ease of use but also reduces the size of the receiver.

Again this new unit has many features specifically designed for Geocaching. You have the option of purchasing both units in a low cost base form (model 300) that will give you a lot of great features. However you also have the option of purchasing the 400 series models that feature enhanced mapping features that include coastal and inland nautical maps covering most of the US and Bahamas. The "C" model includes charts that cover coastal waters and the Great Lakes and the "I" model has detailed navigation charts for inland lakes. In addition the model 400t has preloaded topographic maps of the entire US with the ability to use SD cards to add detailed maps of some National Parks and Forests. Both models allow you to install MapSource cards that will give you turn by turn street navigation capability.
In terms of performance we found that both the Colorado and Oregon worked very well. However they did not appear to be as accurate as some of the older Garmin models such as the 76s and 60sx. The two new units seem to have more track drift than the older units. Satellite acquisition was much slower than expected but that may be due to mapping software installed in each unit.

Both the Oregon and Colorado have a lot of great features but one feature that we really would like to see is ability to clearly view the display in full sunlight without using excess power drain of backlighting. When you are in the bush battery management is a priority and neither unit is very efficient. An increase in battery life would be greatly appreciated. At this time we will hold off purchasing any additional Colorado or Oregon GPS units until further improvements are made. We will continue to monitor all the software and hardware improvements as they become available.

Summary geography symbolism in The Great Gatsby

Political scientists will tell you that there is a huge symbolic power in the geographical opposition. Sometimes it's for obvious historical reasons, like East versus West Germany. Other times, the very naming mechanism & # 39 is that it carries a symbolic meaning. For example, because North Dakota gets disproportionately fewer tourists each year than in South Dakota, he attempted to drop the word "North" from its name to sound like a warmer, more pleasant place. (This may also want to talk with the Coen brothers on all of this "Fargo.")

The most obvious geographical opposition existing in the contemporary United States, North against South, but from east to west colonization of America makes some interesting symbolism as well. Just think that the East against the West Coast. On the one hand, you have an old Establishment (New England Puritans, Manhattan, Harvard, Yale), and on the other hand, you have the Young Guns (border, Forty Niners, Las Vegas, California, Los Angeles). Unfortunately, for the vast portage between the two states, the term "Middle America" ​​has no association, which is almost interesting.

A great example of how this regional symbols may be found in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Set on the top Crusty, 1920 East Coast, it uses geography to help establish the characters and identify conflicts. Jay Gatsby, who hails from North Dakota (brrr!) Does the state reinvents itself, head to Long Island, and buys taken mansion & # 39; to unite with his lost love, Daisy. (Who, by the way, has since married a millionaire East Coast with a degree from Yale University As it for a token.?) Trifecta Many lots and lots of n & # 39; yanstva later, Jay and Daisy restore their relationship.

However, without going into too many resumes Great Gatsby, let's just say that it will not end well. One of the major red flags Gatsby sets off for the East Coast elite with & # 39 is his sketchy education. Despite the fact that he pulls a surprise-I see-your-the Yale-and-raise-You-Oxford on Daisy husband, filling his home with books and calling all the "old man," it turns out that Gatsby only attended the University for five months. As stated, the upper crust, and in the east, as Oxford may be, Gatsby clearly did not spend enough time to pull off complex words or behavior.

Another major obstacle to the & # 39 is the illegality of Gatsby to the throne of the East Coast. Despite the fact that he is ridiculously rich, his wealth of "new" and therefore inferior to the husband of Daisy. This is reflected in the fact that Gatsby lives in West Egg and not East Egg, where Daisy lives: not only the East Egg more respectable area, but also evokes the East / West, old / new, Manhattan / Hollywood relationship makes Gatsby It seems like a fraudulent newcomer. (Which, to be fair, he did.)

With all this in mind, it is not surprising, the introduction of his character and Outro based on the symbolism that the "green light", you may recall, one of the most famous quotes The Great Gatsby: looking longingly over the water, Gatsby stretches his hands to the east the direction of the money-colored light that comes from the Daisy home. Despite the fact that this is as close as it will ever achieve the status of the social elite of Manhattan, the real tragedy lies in the fact that Gatsby with & # 39 is the last to know.

The Colorado Drug Rehab Landscape

Colorado has a population of close to five million people, but like many other parts of the country, the number of people entering some type of drug or alcohol rehab program is climbing.

This can be viewed two different ways. On one hand, it shows that more people who need help are getting some substance abuse treatment services, but it is also an indication of a rising drug problem.

There were just over 69,000 treatment admissions in 2004, and that number climbed to more than 76,000 in 2005 and over 78,000 in 2006. In addition, there is an estimated 110,000 people in the state who reported needing but not receiving any type of treatment for drug-related problems.

According to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), there are 436 drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state of Colorado who serve more than 36,000 people at a time. Unfortunately, more than 95 percent of these clients attend outpatient programs, which have been documented to not be as successful as inpatient facilities, and only 3 percent were enrolled in a long-term residential rehabilitation center.

Of the total number of programs participating in the survey, 35 percent were private non-profit, 58 percent were private for-profit, and the remainder were operated by some type of state or federal governmental agency.

When searching Colorado rehab centers, the key to finding the most success is typically going to be with a long-term program that is more than 90 days in length and that focuses on helping the individual restore personal responsibility with drug-free methods.

Falling oil prices is seen as detrimental to some African countries Although some benefit

African countries with the & # 39 are among the most at risk from the recent fall in oil prices, according to the IMF report, published earlier this year. These countries are dependent on exports of oil, because they account for about 50% of Angola's GDP, Gabon and Republic of Congo. Government revenue in these countries account for about 75% of the industry's oil exports. One report said the collapse in oil prices may affect the economy of the African tougher than Ebola.

Budgetary oil prices, oil prices the government uses as a tool in preparing their budget, it is very vulnerable in Africa. If oil prices fall, it causes a depreciation of the currency oil exporter, which is accompanied by a devaluation of the currency in the oil-exporting countries, including Nigeria. Naira in Nigeria has lost a fifth of its value against the US dollar. Currency depreciation is one effect of the oil price collapse will have on the country, but did not stop, they will face many other problems.

The increase in US shale oil production and falling oil prices do things in Nigeria and Angola seem catastrophic. Exports to the US oil was down 90 percent forcing Nigeria to divert the oil they plan to send to the international market in the United States. Nigeria and Angola are waiting for the US to give 25 percent of their oil to the revolution of shale oil in North Dakota and Texas exploded. US can now produce four million barrels of oil per day on its own.

Economic problems will cause the political risks for Africa. Financial Times, reported South Sudan gets the cheapest price for oil in the world. Their price reduction with & # 39 is the result both of poor prices and unfavorable pipeline contract. They agreed on a fixed fee for the use of the pipeline going through their country, and now the fall in prices destroys profits. This causes difficulties in Southern Sudan, which suffered the consequences of war for about a year. Other countries will need to monitor the social unrest as a depreciating currency will lead to higher inflation, which always ends up with the public expressing their discontent.

East Africa to see the effects of falling prices for their exploration industry. They should start slowly down on both their maritime and land-based mining operations. Marine searches will suffer much more than on land, since it is not so much the costs of Coastal Research. Kenya and Uganda are planning to become an exporter of oil until 2017, falling prices can reduce the expected profits of their investments. They plan on onshore exploration process, which may leave them less vulnerable.

Not all African countries will suffer from a drop in oil prices. In South Africa, where production, consumers and transport make up the economy, it is a relief. Lower commodity prices will affect them; However, the overall effect of lower fuel will be useful for the mining industry. Shippers and plants will also appreciate the lower cost of fuel. Agriculture must also see the advantage of falling prices. The cost of fertilizer and fuel will decrease as will the transport costs to get products to market. Kenya will produce maximum benefits from these varying costs.