What is a Franchise UFOC & # 39; s role?


Learn more about franchise UFOC before buying. Franchising system is a contract between two parties, the franchisor and franchisee. As in the case of a contract, there are legal documents and agreements, which must be respected by both parties. The first of these documents is called a UFOC or Uniform Franchise prospectus. In fact, this document is a description of the specific types of information that the franchisor must submit before the agreements were signed.

FTC outlines the first rules of the franchise, requiring minimal disclosure in 1979, originally known as the prospect. Since that time, the format and content continue to evolve to provide stronger and more uniform means of disclosing information about the company from which you may be offering to buy the franchise. There are two persons responsible for the evolution of the UFOC: FTC (Federal Trade Commission), and NASSA (North American Securities Administrators Association). The most commonly used form for the UFOC NASSA comes from and received by the FTC.

There are 15 states that, in addition to the requirement to have a franchise UFOC before selling the franchise, also require that the document was registered with the government. These conditions are known as registration condition.

These conditions include:

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • NY
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • RI
  • South Dakota
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin.

It is important to understand about the UFOC with & # 39 is that while the document should contain certain essential information, such as franchise fees and additional start-up costs, does not require an audit of the agreement. In other words, the contract should be there but is not guaranteed by any third party, to be exact. In addition, States that have not registered with the government does not require that a copy of the UFOC sent any regulatory body.

UFOC is designed to give you the information needed to make an informed decision about whether or not you would like to enter into business with the franchise. So you can be sure that the information provided in this Agreement will be exactly. If the franchise is clearly distorts the opportunity, there is recourse through the courts. This does not mean that the franchise to make the practice of misrepresenting what they offer, but rather a reminder of the age-old adage, "buyer". If you know that you are looking at you much more likely to make a firm decision.

So what makes a good UFOC really?

UFOC provides many types of information, including information about the company and current officials of the franchise, as well as the disclosure of financial information. The information contained in this document should give you a good overall picture of what the company offers and that you will work, but it also gives you the resources to test yourself. There are 23 areas or objects within the UFOC. One of these elements with the & # 39 is the contact information for the current franchise. Importance UFOC with & # 39 is that it gives you all the information you need to review a franchise but this is not the end of the research the franchise opportunity.

What UFOC contains

UFOC includes information on the franchisor, the company's key employees, and how much experience in managing a franchise they bring to the company, as well as bankruptcy and litigation history. Do you want to know what kind of experience you are buying into.

In addition, it includes all the information about the investments required for this franchise. This includes the initial franchise fees, equipment fees required, commissioning evaluations, as well as any necessary purchases, you & # 39; I will have to do to get started. Suppliers to the fact that you have to do business must be disclosed, as well as how much you are expected to contribute to such things as annual advertising budget and how much it will cost, to create its initial inventory.

UFOC must also contain a legal agreement on trademarks, what products or services may be offered, and any required reports by the franchisee. Duties two franchisors and franchisees will be revealed, as well as the rules governing the transfer, termination and renewal of the franchise agreement are included.

profits claim (that you should be able to earn a) may or may not be included and not from the & # 39 is a must-see destination in the UFOC. If it is on, make sure the company can prove their claims.

There are other agreements that must be resolved between the franchisor and the franchisee. Although some of these agreements are set out in the UFOC, others may vary depending on the specific requirements of the franchise agreement. Such things as protected area often addressed individually. In such cases, any other arrangements that will be necessary, must be attached to the UFOC, including individual franchise agreement in its general form.


The Thrills of Paintball Battles in Colorado


If you're looking for paintball spots in Colorado for a bachelor party, a birthday, a company outing, or a weekend with friends, we suggest Blitz Paintball, which is open during weekends, all year. There are over 11,000 square feet of staging area (shaded), including scenario-recreational fields and professionally leveled tournament paintball fields with their own parking lots. Private and group paintball games can be booked by appointment.

How to Get There?

Blitz Paintball is near Exit 232 and I-25, south of the Colorado National Speedway. It's a quick drive from the Denver Metro area, as well as from Longmont, Boulder, Firestone, Dacono, Fredrick, Brighton, and Erie.

Paintball Facilities

Blitz Paintball features several play zones, including a 'castle' that has been described as one of the finest tournament zones in the world. The turf onsite is fully rubberized, with a 2.25 nap and 2-inch rubber infill-and this makes it superior to the turf used in other paintball facilities; in fact, it has almost double the rubber than college and pro-level football turfs. The Blitz all-weather turf is designed to play like grass and to give players one of the most effective play surfaces not only in Colorado, but in the world.

Costs of Playing Paintball in Colorado

Paintball battles in Colorado need not be expensive. At Blitz, regular entry tickets cost only $ 15. If you're coming as a group of five or more, each person only pays $ 13.00. This paintball facility in Colorado has earned quite a following, because it charges less while providing very good playing areas, both recreational and tournament grade.

Do You Need to Have Your Own Paintball Equipment?

No, not necessarily. If you are new to paintball and have not had the chance to buy your own equipment, you can still play. It's possible to rent equipment on site, from pumps to masks, tanks, marks, loaders, belt harnesses, and paint carrying pods. The facility likewise offers both high-pressure air and CO2.

Where to Stay When Paintballing in Colorado

Are you joining a tournament or simply want to go on a paintball weekend holiday? There are plenty of mid-range hotels nearby, from Best Western Firestone to Marriot's Spring Hill Suites and Courtyard Boulder Longmont.

Restaurants Nearby

There are also a number of good restaurants near this top-notch paintball facility in Colorado to cure those post-game hunger pangs. From Indian restaurants to sushi bars, the whole spectrum is covered.

Go online to get more information on paintball destinations and the countries where you can travel to and enjoy the exciting paintball game!


Popular places to work in the US


If you are looking for a job in the United States, it is important to study the market first. It is important that you not only the right field for work, but also the right place and the city. Below is a list of the best cities in the US to work in the next few years. These cities offer higher jobs and expect to achieve high rates of economic growth.

Logan, Utah
The geographical location of Utah, by connecting it to a larger chain metropolis, creating more job opportunities in the state of anchoring ups, business partnerships, and educational spheres. Utah also witnesses to lower the new business and employment opportunities, thus creating new categories of jobs.

Casper, Wyoming
If you are in the area of ​​care, Casper & # 39 is the best city to be for you. Ranked as one of the best places to work in the United States since the last 8 years, it offers great opportunities for professional, licensed and registered nurses. Travel care of & # 39 is one of the best ways to jump start your car & # 39; a career in Casper.

Bismarck, North Dakota
Western North Dakota offers a high-paying job in the oil industry. Ranked as one of the best cities for job seekers, Bismarck recorded one of the lowest levels of unemployment in the US

Fargo, North Dakota
Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area has a favorable forecasts car & # 39; er at least to 2016 immunity growth of supply in the specialized fields of life sciences, information technology, engineering, and physical sciences, fargo to & # 39 is the best to pay the city for the professionals.

Iowa City, Iowa
Home to a variety of medical and educational institutions, such as the US Veterans Medical Center, Pearson Education, Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa State University, American College Testing, and others, Iowa offers a huge car & # 39; EASURES and growth opportunities for people in the medical field. Developing the economy of Iowa leads to more and more opportunities for business and growth prospects.


Climbing Quandry Peak in Spectacular Colorado


After scrolling through my Instagram feed a couple of months ago, viewing pic after spectacular pic of the magnificence that is Colorado State, I decided I had to witness it with my own eyes. I booked a ticket post haste and 2 months later, I was sitting on a flight from Perth to LA (Actually Perth-Sydney-Auckland-LA), in gleeful anticipation of what was to come. Not only was I going to going to be immersed in the beautiful landscape of Colorado, a bucket list destination for years, I was meeting up with an amazing girl who I could not stop thinking about. Yeh, it was a long flight.

After spending a couple of days in LA with a mate from previous Cambodian escapades, I was back at LAX, Colorado bound. On the flight into Denver, I could not keep my eyes off the window overlooking the spectacular terrain we were flying over. I may have actually been drooling slightly, a combination of nature-lust and sleep-deprived delirium. I met up with the gorgeous girl previously mentioned and we hired a car at the airport, crashing in Denver for the night. We were ready to head West in the am

Cruising over to Breckenridge in the morning, we were greeted over the first ridge by large timber estates perched atop the rolling landscape. These were mingled amongst pretty pine and grand oak trees. Prime real estate in anyone's book. Then it started snowing … Neither of us had ever driven in the snow before so a bit of excitation kicked in as usually the case with fresh experiences.

First trip in 'Breck' was up to the beautiful Hanging Lakes which only took a couple of hours return and was pretty crowded the whole way. The highlight for me was having a 'shower' under an ice cold waterfall at the top. Cold is a pretty decent understatement, that shit was bone-chilling.

The next day I passed up an amazing opportunity to go white water rafting to climb one of Colorados infamous' 14ers', mountains reaching above 14,000 '(4,240m for those of us who use the correct form of measurement). Even though the weather was sketchy at best, it was what I came to Colorado to do, I could not let the opportunity pass. I chose the East route on Quandry Peak as my target due to it's reliably straight path and lack of technical challenges.

Calling in at a local outdoor recreation store the morning of the climb, I picked up a pair of snow-shoes, what I was informed to be a necessary piece of equipment with conditions as they were, I was well prepared ..) It was mid-May but the snow had lasted and hung around, falling well passed the traditional ski season. Unusual weather patterns appeared to be a common trend on this trip, Hollywood Boulevard was flooded and Texas also had a combination of deadly floods and a tornado upon my arrival.

I was dropped off at the base of Quandry mid-morning and off I went (This is really not recommended as an early start routes to avoid the storms that develop later in the day). There were a couple of people in the carpark strolling around but otherwise I was completely alone on the mountain for the entire duration. I guess that's not a good sign for what's considered a fairly popular hike. Luckily there was a fairly well snow-packed path leading up the first half and I was able to follow at least some form of tracks right up to the top.

30 odd minutes into the hike it started snowing and did not really let up until well into the descent. It was not overly heavy but combined with the wind which kicked up beyond the tree line, it made for a chilly journey. When I did reach the treeline, I was confronted with a fairly ominous looking scene. The neighbouring peaks to the south were veiled in dark cloud and it would not be too long before Quandry too, was engulfed.

Pushing on, I and managed to reach the top around 2 1/2 hours after starting. By this time the cloud had well and truly roled in and the top portion of the mountain was in the middle of a pretty decent white-out. I've heard plenty about this phenomenon before (mostly advice to avoid them at all costs) and I was a little giddy to have another new experience under the belt. That lasted until I realized, I could hardly see my feet.

It was hard to follow any of the tracks I left on the ascent so I was left to blindly stumble down, hoping I was going in the right direction. Luckily the Eastern route on Quandry is a fairly gentle slope void of any cliffs or drop-offs, so I was fairly safe in that regard. I still wanted to avoid getting completely lost however, as I had no inkling where I was or where any other roads or paths lead that surrounded the mountain. Not much luck in that regard ..

I managed to get down off the ridge and was back to having a vision of the world surrounding me. Realizing I was off path but thinking I might stumble back across it at some point, I reached the tree-line again and found some ski-tracks I thought would lead me to where I wanted to go. Wrong. They took off in another direction entirely, by which time I was so lost, I kept following them anyway, hoping they'd always lead to a road or the start of a different route.

The problem was, nobody had been walking this way so there was no snow-pack. It was also early afternoon, meaning the snow was getting all soft and slushy. Excellent hiking conditions. It really is terrible stuff snow. It gets you all excited and joyful when you first see it again, but it does not take long for reality to set in and to remember what a bastard of a substance it really is.

It was a constant battle getting back down the mountain. I was potholing every step, often falling waist deep into the white slushy goodness. Several times I had to reach down and pull my snowshoe out by hand, it having been lodged a meter or more under the surface. Yes I was wearing snowshoes, that's how soft it was. Luckily there were a few small trees I could use to pull myself out with, I have no idea how I'd actually managed otherwise.

The ski tracks eventually led me back down to the start of the route I came up on and I wearily walked out onto the road to wave down a passing car. The descent had taken me just as long as it had to get up originally. A nice old lady picked me up and after a very enthusiastic rant on the Amish, dropped me straight off at a local watering hole. That proceeded to be a very messy night.

* Be sure to check out this article with pictures at 7summitsproject.com


Power networks for basketball coaches


I recently attended the game special secondary, which featured two of the best teams in the Midwest. Since the bleachers are filled, I noticed that there were about a dozen college coaches in attendance. I'm going to use it to explain how strong network can be and how it will grow exponentially.

Your network is only as strong as you make it, and includes strength coaches in your network. For example, you know, 30 coaches, after several years in the profession. If none of these coaches are not tied to a larger, more diverse network, you do not have much. If your group of 30 trainers have several coaches who cling to the larger and more powerful network, then you are on the right track.

The strange thing about the network & # 39 is that it can grow exponentially for several years, from 1 to 100,001 cars.

That's the make-up of my network as I watch the game last night. All subsequent coaches attended.

This is an example Networking in action:

Orv Salmon, the head coach, DMACC, Orv and I have known each other for years, and both worked in Garner, Gary Drake University.

Ben Jacobson, Head Coach, University of Northern IowaI recruiting Ben to play at the University of North Dakota.

Steve Krafcisin, Head of Women's coach, DMACC, We have two schools in general. North Dakota, and Iowa State University.

Bob Sandvold, a former college coach for 22 years. Bob and I worked together in Iowa and now business partners.

Matt Murken, assistant coach, Wayne State UniversityMatt is working with coach Rico Burkett at WSU. I hired Rico ~ d of North Dakota, and he joined his staff as an assistant at Stetson University.

Thom McDonald, Commissioner of Iowa Community College AthleticsTom and I have been working at Productions Championship, and he is also a former assistant at Drake University.

Spencer Esslinger, assistant coach, DMACC. Spencer worked our basketball camp at the University of Iowa for many summers.

Dan Goodwin, assistant coach DMACC women. Dana worked our basketball camp at Iowa State University for many summers.

B.J. McGinn, assistant coach, DMACC, B.J. He was the youngest assistant college in Arizona and an assistant at Wayne State University to Rico Burkett.

Jim Glash, assistant coach, Missouri-RollaJim was a successful 9-year-old coach in Olney Community College. Bob Sandvold and I hired a few players in the Jim Olney.

Rob Jeter, head coach, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Rob Ben Jacobson one and two played against each other. Because of their relationship, Rob is also connected to all the above.

Then, after the game Bob and I went back to Ames and met with the staff of the University of Iowa after their victory over the Missouri Tigers. It continues with the following people network:

Jeff Rutter, assistant coach, University of IowaJeff worked at our camp in Marquette, was an assistant on my staff Stetson, and then served as head coach at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

Greg McDermott, head coach, University of IowaGreg connected several ways to this group. He followed me as an assistant coach at the University of North Dakota. There he coached Ben Jacobson and Rick Burkett. Then he was the head coach at Wayne State University, the State of North Dakota. Burkett helped him at Wayne State and Jacobson at NDSU. Before Jesus, Greg was the head coach at the University of Northern Iowa. Two of his aides were Jeff Rutter and Ben Jacobson.

T.J. Otzelberger, assistant coach, University of Iowa, T.J. I have been AAU coach and assistant in Chipola CC, Fla. T.J. Jeff Rutter played in Parkside for a year. He was on the original employees of McDermott at ISU.

Eric Henderson, student assistant, University of Iowa, Hendo played for McDermott and Burkett at Wayne State.

Josh Carper, Graduate Manager, University of Iowa. Carper played in Sioux City East for Jeff Vanderloo, my friend and McDermott.

There were 16 connections to my network, I saw last night. The amazing thing is that I did not plan to see any of these coaches. They were there just doing his job as a recruiter.

The network is essential to the health and performance of your car & # 39; EASURES. Once you are aligned with one coach, you will automatically be connected to all of its compounds, and all of their communication, and all of their communications ………. that's how you build from 1 to 100,001!


Are Colorado Ski Resorts Overrated?


Let me start by saying that this is not an article about whether or not there are quality ski resorts in Colorado. Because there are certainly some very good ski resorts in Colorado. The question I am examining is whether Colorado ski resorts get more press or hype than they deserve. I will also be looking at this question based on what these resorts offer skiing wise as opposed to how nice the hotels and restaurants are.

Colorado gets more skier days than any other state in the nation. Why is it that Colorado gets so many skiers? Let's look at some factors.


Colorado has a much larger population than other great skiing states such as Wyoming, Montana and Vermont. But if population was the reason for Colorado's large ski crowds than California would certainly hold the title for most skier days for a single state.


Most ski areas in Colorado get between 300 "-350" of snow per season. This is a respectable amount but certainly not enough to make it the powder paradise that various marketing materials would have you believe. 300 "per year is what the best East Coast ski resorts get, and there is a reason people do not own fat skis on the East Coast. powder paradises are. Utah, which can actually back it up when they claim to have 'The Greatest Snow on Earth,' is home to Alta which receives over 500 "of snow annually. The West Coast also beats Colorado for annual snowfall. Washington, not generally thought of as a major skiing state, laid claim to the largest snowfall in a single season when Mt Baker got over 1000 "of snow in the 98-99 season.


Beginner terrain, groomers and terrain parks can be found anywhere there is enough snow. So let's skip to an assessment of the cliffs and steps that set apart the truly elite ski resorts. Colorado has a few resorts known for premier terrain, such as Crested Butte and Aspen, but the most popular resorts in the Summit County area do not have the same caliber of terrain. And when you compare the Summit County resorts to ski resorts like Squaw Valley, Jackson Hole and Snowbird, which consistently rank as the top resorts for terrain, there is not much to compare.

Clearly this is a subjective analysis. So what do you think? Is Colorado overrated or do you think all the people that ski there can not be wrong?


From the state of the garden in the State of the World


North Dakota is gaining workers from across the country

Reflecting pools and flower shows of the International Peace Garden covers the border between North Dakota and Manitoba.

N. Dakota became the whole of the economic crisis and become a leader in the employment front. As if sharing the International Peace Garden with Canada have not been generous enough, ND is now actively promoting employment opportunities across the United States.

Low unemployment

In May, the government tied with Nebraska for the nation & # 39; s very low level of unemployment. While the national unemployment rate rose to a 26-year high of 9.4% in May, N. Dakota and Nebraska ranged in a simple 4.4%. Last month, ND added 3,000 hole in its roster of jobs.

For payday lenders in North Dakota this news with & # 39 is ambiguous. More jobs means that more people can qualify for a payday cash advances; but it also means that fewer people will need extra cash.

various industry

work experts attribute to N. Dakota & # 39; The good condition of its various industries. All sectors show growth, even in the oil industry which is greatly reduced after the last year and # 39; s price spike. Mining, construction, agriculture and all experienced double-digit growth in employment since 2000, health and transport as key industries.

Open Door Policy

Government officials have not kept their relative prosperity in secret. State Department of Commerce promoted jobs – as well as the quality of life – in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and through a marketing campaign called ". Experience North Dakota" There are 9,000 positions that are arranged in service work in North Dakota.

call the unemployed

ND really benefit from the national recession. Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, an engineering consulting firm based in Bismarck told CNN, he is now receiving missiles from across the country, if he performs the opening, even if he # 39; s in the countryside. For example, civil engineering works in the community with less than 25,000 inhabitants have collected 40 applicants.

Budget surplus and tax cuts

According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2008, North Dakota was a growth of 7.3%, twice that of all other states except Wyoming. The largest contribution to growth from the & # 39 are agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing. Unlike many other countries, who are fighting fiscal deficits, ND has a budget surplus. In the middle of a national recession, officials ND approved property and income Votruba & # 39; e of about $ 400 in April.

Northern Improvement Company, for example, is still hiring, as ND and the city continues to fund roads, airports and municipal improvement projects. 74-year-old, ONLY Fargo-firm continues to add workers, as it usually does, and is currently looking for drivers for the summer season.

somewhat slower

N. Dakota has not been immune from the recession. Its current unemployment rate of 4.4% is 3.3% a year ago, its about 9,000 & # 39; shew the work compared to 15,000 last year, and there were layoffs. In the past year & # 39; s fall in oil prices has significantly reduced the number of active drilling rigs for oil in the state, though led to an increase in hiring in the industry's recent recovery in prices.


Ways to Calculate Overnights for Child Support in Colorado


There are several ways to calculate overnights for child support in Colorado. Child support coordinates in Colorado are calculated based on a set of guidelines set by the Colorado state legislature.

One key factor in figuring child support levels is the overnight totals, or how many nights the children spend with each parent. In any Colorado divorce or custody proceeding, the family court will set child support payments to ensure the children's financial security.

Ways of Counting Overnights

In Colorado divorce and custody cases, there are three ways to count up the visitation overnights. Regardless of the method used to count up overnights for Colorado parents, it's critical for divorcing parents to use the most accurate number for child support calculations. Otherwise, the child support payments may be too high or to low.

Estimate overnights: Estimating overnights simply means that parents make their best guess about how many overnights the non-residential parent has. The biggest problem with estimating is that it is far from accurate and does not take into account any exceptions such as holidays.

Count by hand: Parents can count up the number of overnights using a paper calendar and a calculator. If there is already a calendar calendar created, the parent can just add up the marked days and get an overnight total. Accuracy may suffer because parents often forget to include exceptions to the standard weekly schedule, such as holidays, vacation days and other events.

Custody calendar software: Custody software allows divorcing parents to create a custodial schedule on the computer, then calculate how many overnights each parent has. These programs can even figure up individual hours per parent, making the total parenting time total significantly different than just counting up overnights on a calendar. If the schedule changes, even by a few days, the program automatically recalculates totals.

Colorado Parenting Time

While each state sets its own parenting time requirements, Colorado looks at sole or joint physical custody and the hours that the non-residential parent spends with the children. Sole physical custody means that one parent hosts the children for the majority of the year, and the non-residential parent spends 93 or fewer overnights with the children.

For joint physical custody in Colorado, the non-residential parent spends anywhere from 94 to 182 overnights with the children. A child support credit is given to the non-residential parent depending on the number of overnights scheduled.

Counting Up Overnights

To get the total number of overnights for each parent per year, Colorado divorcing parents must physically add up the overnights from the customs schedule. While there is no single right way to do this, certain methods are easier and more accurate than others.

All the overnights must be added together, including weekdays, weekends, holidays, vacations and other special events. To get a percentage, Colorado parents can take the total overnights, then divide that number by 365. The answer represents the parenting time percentage for the year. For example, if the non-residential parent hosts the children for 110 overnights, this would be 30 percent of the time annually.


Ghost Towns Near Fargo, North Dakota


You are close to Fargo and looking for a little adventure or some great photo opportunities? There are some amazing finds in the Fargo area that will really get you interested, especially if you & # 39; re an avid observer of the ghost hunting shows or History Channel. A ghost town near Fargo will keep you busy and on their toes for a few days!

I & # 39; sure you probably thought ghost towns were only down south in Arizona or Texas, but in fact they are scattered throughout the United States. North Dakota has its share of 66 cities phantom ghost towns and 10 near Fargo. Some have more abandoned buildings still standing than others, and some still have a few people.

Arena, North Dakota was abandoned actually not too long ago. It looks like a nice little town, but no one lives there. Remnants of schools falling elevator, the church and some residences remain. White church with tree inaccessible particularly photogenic. Arena 180 miles from Fargo.

Havana 109 miles south of Fargo in the immediate vicinity of the border of South Dakota. The whole city is full of abandoned buildings.

Kidville has only some foundations and blocks left, but has a very interesting history. It is located 1.5 miles south of Fort-Ransom and 88 miles from Fargo. The heyday of the city was between 1897 and 1923. It was the first city in the county to have a phone. From 1917 to 1919 Var & # 39; Jacek asylum escapee hid around the city and residents were killed exceeded one.

Sherbrooke is 84 miles from Fargo and has several overgrown vacant homes and a stone foundation of a large building. He was once the Steele County District.

Garfield 71 miles from Fargo. The city was moved in 1884 River Park, but WHO should Kittson Trail, cemetery and church foundations remain.

North Almont is 229 miles from Fargo. The city has an elevator and a shack that remains.

Omemee is 258 miles from Fargo and all that remains of streets, sidewalks and about eight buildings. The city was founded at the intersection of two railroads. The last residents left in 1980.

Hamberg is 178 miles from Fargo with ground streets, deteriorating wooden structures and old brick building. There is an abandoned bank, post office, school and church.

If you go on the road to the abandoned city, be sure to bring your camera and get out and walk. Imagine what life was like and what the city looked like in the past few years.


Colorado Springs Real Estate – Black Forest Homes


Find your dream house property in the Colorado Springs real estate area of ​​the Black Forest. This part of the Colorado Springs real estate area is located in northern El Paso County. The Black Forest is a rural area that is located on approximately 200,000 acres of land. The area is heavily wooded with mostly Ponderosa Pine trees. Black Forest is a mix of older homes and newer homes. The northwestern Black Forest real estate area includes: High Forest Ranch established 2001-2004, Walden established 1965-2002, Hawk Ridge established 1994-2000, Wissler Ranch established 1996-1999, and Elk Creek Ranch established 1980-1993.

Home Prices & Descriptions

Many of the homes for sale in the Black Forest real estate area are 5 acre house properties. There are mostly ranch style homes and 2 story homes. Some of the homes are custom homes and reflect "country style" living and some of the homes resemble homes that blend into "city living". Many of these Colorado Springs real estate subdivisions include features such as: multiple decks and fireplaces, slate floors, barns and garages, granite counters, and theater rooms.

The minimum sales price for homes in 2008 in the Black Forest is $ 375,000. The minimum size Black Forest home for sale is 3,408 finished square feet. The minimum home for sale is 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a 3 car garage. The average sales price in 2008 is $ 650,000 and is 4,527 finished square feet. The average size home for sale is 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and a 4 car garage. The maximum sales price in this Colorado Springs real estate area is $ 925,000 and is 5,646 finished square feet. The maximum size home for sale is 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, and a 5 car garage.

One of the newer communities in the Black Forest real estate area is the prestigious High Forest Ranch. The Ranch has rustic custom homes for sale. There are close to 20 different custom builders to choose from. Some of the homes in this Colorado Springs real estate area are located on 2.5-5 acres of land. Residents in the High Forest Ranch area have community lodge at their disposal for those special occasions. The custom homes for sale in this Colorado Springs real estate area range from $ 499,900- $ 3.5 million. Amenities for some of the houses include: multiple fireplaces, slab granite counter tops, vaulted ceilings, great rooms, family room, master retreats, theater rooms, billiard rooms, wine rooms, travertine flooring, outdoor covered decks, and wet bars. Many of the Colorado Springs homes for sale in this area have extensive timber and stone features.

The Walden real estate area has beautiful custom ranch style homes with lots between approximately 1/2 acre and 1 acre in size. Many of the homes have stucco exteriors and resemblance more of a "city look." Some of these Colorado Springs real estate neighborhoods include: custom cabinets, molding and trim, granite slab kitchen counter tops, hardwood floors, multiple fireplaces, 5 piece master baths, vaulted great room, stucco exteriors, perennial gardens, offices, recreation rooms, game area, formal dining rooms, wood decks with hot tub, walk-out rancher, and gourmet kitchens. Homes for sale in this Colorado Springs real estate area range from the high $ 200,000s to just under $ 600,000.

In the privacy of the pines is the prominent Hawk Ridge real estate area. Hawk Ridge has homes for sale on approximately 2.5 acres or less. Many of the homes are custom homes with features like: hardwood floors, walls of windows, multiple fireplaces, French doors, granite kitchen islands, custom cabinets, hand crafted banisters, ponds, walk-out dining area, and large decks. The homes for sale in the Hawk Ridge community range from the approximately the mid $ 500,000s to 1.3 million dollars. This part of the Colorado Springs real estate area borders the Black Forest area.

The Wissler Ranch homes for sale range from the mid $ 400,000s to $ 900,000. Some of the homes have luxurious living and family rooms, huge open kitchens, spacious master suites, home theaters, wine cellars, exercise rooms, recreation rooms, and 5 piece master baths. Many of the homes are on approximate 3 acre lots. Some of the homes are gorgeous cottage style houses with old world charm. The homes for sale in this Colorado Springs real estate area range from the mid $ 450,000s to the mid $ 800,000s. The Wissler Ranch community also borders the Black Forest area.

There are some homes for sale in the Elk Creek community in the low $ 200,000s. The homes are located in meadows and in the woods. Most of the homes are on five acre lots and are zoned for horses. Some of the homes have beautiful mountain views and some are located in the meadows and have natural streams running through the properties. Many of the homes include barns, storage sheds, fines for horses, RV parking. There are custom homes in this community. Find your perfect dream property in this Colorado Springs real estate area. Amenities include: vaulted / beamed ceilings, large kitchens, fireplaces, skylights, multiple decks, oversized garages, and covered stalls.


The schools of attendance are: Lewis Palmer Elementary School, Ray E. Kilmer Elementary School, Lewis Palmer Middle School, Creekside Middle School, and Lewis Palmer High School. The schools are part of the Lewis Palmer School District 38 boundary area.

Neighboring Communities.

The Southwestern portion of the Black Forest is located to the south and contains the Black Forest Regional Park. The Black Forest extends to the east. The Kings Deer, Canterbury, Fox Run, and Cherry Creek Crossing subdivisions are located to the west.


The northwestern Colorado Springs real estate area of ​​Black Forest is located near Highway 83 and County Line Road. It is convenient for commuting to Colorado Springs and Denver. This part of the Air Force Academy real estate area is located approximately 30 minutes or 22 miles from the USAFA main gate and is a possible Colorado Springs military relocation choice.


The High Forest Ranch community has miles of hiking trails and open space. It is close to the Tri-lakes real estate area. Three lakes and multiple golf courses are located in the Tri-lakes area. Shopping is close by in Monument, Castle Rock, Denver and Colorado Springs real estate locations.