Why should you continue car & # 39; a career in commercial truck driving


Why should you continue car & # 39; a career in the commercial management of the truck? This is a very good question. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll have plenty of valuable information to answer it yourself. So why someone should continue the car & # 39; a career in the commercial management of the truck? Let me start by giving you some interesting statistics on the road transport sector.

Did you know that of all modes of transportation in the commercial transportation industry, the road transport sector dominates the area with 83.7% of revenue? The railway sector comes in a distant second with only 5.6% of total revenue. Air sector ranked third with 3.2%, and ocean freight sector strict control only 1.4% of total revenues, transported by the courts. As you can see, the road transport industry is not going away anytime soon. In fact, the road transport industry alone collection $ 650 billion revenue annually. It & # 39; s 5% of the nation & # 39; GDP! The trucking industry also pays $ 35 billion in federal, state taxes and the use of the highway in a year and will grow by 21% over the next ten years. Not many experimental fields can promise you such a great job security without four years of higher education, as the road transport industry can.

Speaking of safety, in May 2013 was about 1.5 million heavy trucks and tractor trailer drivers arriving on the average median salary of $ 38,700 a year, it expects about $ 18.61 per hour. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the truck drivers who were at the lower end is still the wage scale were $ 25330 per year, and truck drivers who were at the high end of the pay scale of $ 59,620 per year. Like many other jobs can boast such a wide range of wages without a four-year college degree or two years? Not so much. So, where there are more truck drivers employed than anywhere else? Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida and Illinois. Texas hired 157, 260 truck drivers in 2013, while Illinois used approximately 66.050 truck drivers. But do not think that you will have to move to one of these five states to find a decent truck driving job. The entire eastern shore full of States with an average of 40,210 to 157,260 workers truck drivers. If you & # 39; re looking for the state with the highest concentration of freight US jobs driving cars look no further. North Dakota has a 15.310 trucking jobs with an average salary of media $ 47,580 while Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wyoming to follow closely. Truckers in Alaska have the highest average salary of $ 53440, while the trucks in North Dakota, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Wyoming and make an average of $ 47,000 per year. If you look at the United States map displays the area that use the best truck drivers, you would see that the truck drivers are very busy from Texas all the way to Pennsylvania and Florida and all the way to Michigan, Califonia and the Pacific Northwest also use a lot of truck drivers . What areas have the least number of working truck drivers? In the Midwestern states. That is why truck drivers in those states to do more than a year. That # 39; tired one thing to consider. US inland truck driving jobs can not be transferred.

Here are some more interesting facts about the trucker. The total distance traveled by the truck drivers per year will be 93.5 million highway miles? To put that in perspective, that # 39; s 256,197,260 miles per day, 2,965 milers per second and 3.7 million times around the Earth, or 195.713 of round trips to the moon! It & # 39; S many Truckin & # 39;! Of course, all those miles, it would be nice to get good gas mileage. Unfortunately, the & # 39; nd not happen. The average long-haul trukcs can carry 300 liters of fuel, but it can travel only eight miles to the gallon. It & # 39, S of about 6.8 gallons of fuel per hour at 55 miles per hour. This means that it would take a class 8 tractor trailer 44 hours and 347 gallons of fuel, from Los Angeles to New York. Of course, the fuel tank of 300 gallons, you only have to stop for gas once. With all these miles to travel, one of the advantages of long-haul truck management able to see the beauty and charm of the area of ​​the United States and getting paid to do it!

Now that you know the importance of road transport industry to the US economy as the average truck driver makes a year, and how many miles drivers of trucks to travel in an average year, I want to finish this article with one last statistic. Value of goods shipped, commercial cargo transport in the year is 139 $ 463 million It & # 39.; s $ 382090411 per day and $ 4,422 per second! That is how valuable road transport industry and truck drivers themselves for United States citizens. Think about it, if you will. Almost every aspect of our economy depends on the trucking industry, from food to fuel, medicine for equipment, machinery for clothing and construction to production, all of them delivered, depending on the commercial trucking industry. In other words, if it was not for the truck drivers, you would not have a bed to sleep on, soap and shampoo to cleanse itself, clothes to wear, food to eat for breakfast, a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth, car, to get to work in, gas as a fuel, the car, the computer work, food to eat for lunch, the car to go back home, refrigerator, stove and microwave to store and prepare dinner, plates, cutlery and table to eat on, chairs to sit on and the TV to watch the game, Sharks you sit in your sofa and drinking ice-cold beer, which has been transported truck drivers. Of course, I left a lot of things with but you get the picture. Oh, I almost forgot, you do not have homes to live in either, if it was not made out of something other than a brick, concrete, wood, metal or stone. Remember that if you bought it, bought a truck.

So back to the original question. Why should you continue car & # 39; a career in the commercial management of the truck? Well, now that you know how important the commercial trucking industry to the US economy as well in the labor market, and how many truck drivers can do without a college degree may be asking yourself: "Why should I not pursue the car & # 39; EPA in the commercial truck management "It & # 39;?. S a question that only you can answer if you decide that you want to continue the car & # 39;. a career in the commercial management of the truck, getting proper training is your first step is not enough that. commercial truck management in the labor market ripe with possibilities E, the steps you need to do to enter the labor market is easier than you might think. In order to be certified to operate a commercial motor vehicle, all you need is a commercial drivers license, adequate physical health, and . also the ability to manage commercial vehicle it & # 39;. and all of course, to get your CDL is another story it takes special knowledge and training in order to pass the required tests, and training usually gets in a private or company sponsoring driving. load School Wiki. Most of the truck driving school will give you a CDL training you need to pass the necessary tests and get your CDL Commercial driver's license for a few months.

I hope this article has helped to answer the basic questions you may have about achieving the car & # 39; sphere in the commercial management of the truck.


New Employee Wellness Tool With the ancient practice of Labyrinth Walking


Corporate wellness professionals who are looking for a unique initiative in the framework of stress management programs should consider the ancient practice labyrinth walk. More than 3,500 years old, with a maze of & # 39 is a symbol that represents wholeness. If this character is transmitted to the ground and went for the purpose of walking a labyrinth allows you to slow down and pay attention inward and then back to the outside world feeling renewed and rejuvenated.
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Since mazes provide many of the same benefits as meditation – stress reduction, relaxation, inner silence, emotional healing – labyrinth walking is sometimes called walking meditation. Slow corners labyrinths are believed to enhance right brain activity, allowing walkers to connect to their natural intuition and creativity. The value of their activities in the workplace to create teams, increase morale, conflict resolution and problem solving, also becomes to recognize. The command is, for example, allow employees to work together presenting a variety of ways to approach the challenge.

Traditional labyrinth has a curved path that leads to the central point (called a target). Maze is not the same as a maze, which has dead ends and Trick turns, but instead there is only one path leading to the center and back again; No dead ends. With 3 main structures – 7 schemes, 11 schemes, 12 schemes – the most common today with the & # 39 7 is a scheme.

Walkers move through the maze at a pace that matches their mood or purpose. The trip can be slow, skipping, energetic, festive, and even playfully. On average, a labyrinth walk takes 20-30 minutes, but it really depends on the person.

Going on the road, walker comes to the center of the goal. After spending time there in contemplation, walkers back – a journey on average about 1/3 mile.

Walk the Path

There’s no right or wrong way to walk through the maze, at that time, each respecting the other pedestrians on the road. Trained mediators can help a beginner learn to use the labyrinth walkers, but experienced walkers set your own pace.

Whether it’s a private trip or a team outing, walking the labyrinth consists of 3 stages:

  • Walk. Walkers use the maze for several reasons. Some focus on the challenge or question. Others get in touch with the intensity and focus on your breathing. Many simply ruin their minds of all the worries and enter into the world, allowing himself to be present in the body. Such sensitive periods often create ideas and memories; when there are distractions, walkers recognize them and return to the breath.
  • In the center of the goal. This is a time of enlightenment and connected. Walkers contemplate what they have learned about themselves and how problems or problems associated with them personally. They can stay there as long as they like.
  • Leaving. Leaving the labyrinth walkers to apply what they have learned to real life. This is a time of regeneration and unwinding. It is not uncommon for pedestrians to feel walking to be shorter than it actually is. Many people want to spend time in a peaceful image.

The experience is different for everyone. For some it may be immediate or emotional. Others may find the hours and days pass before the energy passes through them, to the point of recognition.

Indoor labyrinth University of North Dakota

In 2006, the University of North Dakota (UND) in Grand Forks to put new carpet in their wellness center Quiet room, with a labyrinth woven into the pattern. Kim Ruliffson (coordinator of the work well, staff and faculty of the construction site wellness program) says: “On the day of the grand opening of our center, which promotes the targeting of people in the maze and answered questions. She urged people to give it a try. Some. Others were not very comfortable to do a walk in front of others, but came back to use it privately. Spa staff provided a 1-page handout on how to use the labyrinth. ”

During the planning phase, the health center staff consulted Labyrinth Enterprises (http://www.labyrinthproject.com). In addition to the online resources, the company offers a training program promotes and can set the mazes on the site.

Labyrinths do not have to be complicated construction. If the UND Wellness Center is planning on a new carpet, additional costs for adding the labyrinth design was nominal. A similar approach can be taken with tiled floors. Organization even created a covered labyrinth design with duct tape or the image on a large piece of fabric.

Stony Brook Red Dragon

There are several options available for external labyrinths. Edward O & # 39; Konel, physicist health, was the driving force of building (New York) 54-foot open circuit labyrinth Stony Brook University is called the Red Dragon. Ed points out that it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and money. He and his friend, Episcopal Franciscan priest Clark Berg, spent three days building a maze. Their only resources were a sod buster and red mulch for a total of $ 500 twice a year, volunteers perform basic maintenance and replenishment of mulch.

Some models of the labyrinth just mowed the lawn. Other options include an outdoor stone, rope, stick, or a sheet.

Mobile labyrinths to get mixed reviews, but as Kim says, “If this is your only option, it is better than nothing. In addition, you can take them to special events. Nevertheless, the portable labyrinths often can not be used outside, or may be too large for some rooms. ”

There is even a small maze, which provide a “walker” with similar experiences through tracing the path of the labyrinth of their finger or a computer mouse on a computer screen or a sheet of paper.

Kim advises health professional to consider 5 factors in the selection of the labyrinth:

  • Select the most efficient design for the audience
  • Make sure that the location is quiet and free of distractions
  • Make Centering Maze in a place of peace and tranquility
  • To provide sufficient space to accommodate the proposed size and intended use (preferably a labyrinth design with fewer chain than do the track is too narrow)
  • Remember, the symbolic value of the input facing west, so walkers can go on foot to the east.

Ed whom and emphasize the need for persistent marketing campaign management; Leaders must support the concept of a labyrinth and encourage its use. And progress towards the target audience, should be maintained throughout the year. Word of mouth is valuable, but it takes a long time. Ed Partners EAP University office to offer monthly workshops on walking a labyrinth.

Stony Brook Red Dragon has become a valuable employee wellness resource. Ed summarizes his experience: .. “When I first started labyrinthine course, it just resonates with me, as a health physicist, teacher and father, calm and smooth movements of the maze allow me a few minutes just for myself, I get in the middle, roots, and connect with nature. this has become my passion to present the other members of the community to this transformative experience. Because we are all on the same way, people who can not normally come into contact with each other, can be divided into a few moments of this special type of interaction ” .


I want my 400 pounds! – Trucking, APUs and weight benefits


There & # 39; S a lot of noise APUs (Auxiliary Blocks or generators) in those days. Thus, the federal government allows up to 400 pounds for trucks with APUs- or any device used to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It & # 39; part of idling reduction strategy- encourage truck drivers and trucking companies to install the APU. But this does not mean that you can always get it.

The wording of the law states that any vehicle with the sun "may be allowed to an additional total of 400 pounds within a gross here, tandem or bridge formula weight" – generator installed on the tractor will not allow the law of dispersion of the bridge,

The problem is that while the federal government allows you to weight gain, the state should not allow. This means that in one state may be allowed to work up to 80.400 pounds. but in this state, you may be limited to 80,000 pounds. in spite of the federal government and # 39; s decision. Many states already have weight tolerances above exemption from the weight of 400 pounds, so that the solution does not actually affect the enforcement proceedings.

It & # 39; s great in theory, but in practice, and # 39; S is almost worthless.

What we & # 39; Ve run into is that many employees do not know the decision of the Federal as well, while the legislative authority of the State can be accepted on the allowance of 400 pounds, enforcement officers may not be aware of this. All of the following information can be changed, and, as always, the right hand does not know what the left is doing. Be prepared to show how much documentation as possible, if you run into a road block!

Below is a list of states and their status 400 pounds weight-exempt status. We will contact the state official directly- none of this is second-hand information. All information is subject to change.

States that have adopted the 400 pound weight allowance (Officials at the weigh stations may not know):


Arkansas will allow an additional 400 pounds per axle to allow for the sun, but will not allow for more than 80,000 pounds gross weight.






Michigan Allows 400 pounds to the APU. The problem you may encounter is not that does not weigh station officer we spoke with were aware of the federal decree and the Michigan Center for Truck Safety was under the impression that Michigan has not made a decision, but he could not say for sure. According to Lt. Dave Ford, Michigan, really appreciate the decision 400 pounds. Drivers must have a MAT & # 39; s weight is documented by the manufacturer, and have evidence that the document was APU mounted on this block (unlike other APU).

North Dakota


Oregon Senate Bill 223 officially allows trucks with APU (auxiliary power unit) an additional 400 pounds of gross weight limitations. Oregon meets the federal decree and requires written confirmation of the Sun & # 39; s weight. Oregon Police were trucking prohibits the release of the weight of 400 pounds in February 2006 BC to be in working condition.


relief from the weight of 400 pounds are allowed only on the interstate. Drivers on State Route can be Virginia and # 39; s standard gross weight and enforcement axis.


States that did not take relief from the weight of 400 pounds, and:

* Have the weight tolerances (for the dispersion of the scale)

* There is a low amount of the fee and does not force you to unload 400 pounds overweight

* And the state, whose staff is very illegal to give you a ticket if you do not provoke itself officer opinion on the & # 39 is a factor (the officers in many of these countries were not aware of the weight of the release of 400 pounds, but said 400 pounds too low to bother with) them:


Officers in Greenwich weigh station did not know about the Federal ruling, but they said that the chances of their writing citations for such a small amount unilaterally. This portion I 95 is limited to 80,000 pounds matter that allows the driver is such that the limit is 80,000 pounds. 80,001 pounds can lead to the ticket, but also # 39; S Sun probably until the truck reaches 81,000 pounds, depending on the discretion of the officer. The official word from the headquarters of commercial vehicles to ensure compliance with that Connecticut Sun took relief from the weight of 400 pounds.






It depends entirely on the employee's discretion- you probably will not get a ticket for 400 pounds.






Employees in weight stations of North Carolina, which we called did not know about the pounds Registered Federal 400, but was told that they have a tolerance of 500 pounds that they & # 39; It will allow before they start writing tickets.

South Dakota

Officials said they would not help with tolerance, but say their tolerance of more than 400 pounds, so that, even though, legilature can not be accepted federal standard yet, their current standards allow weight gain.


Officers on Henefer POE say they allow up to 500 pounds for the Sun. Employees in other PGSAH were confident in the law.

West Virginia


Officers at the Cheyenne I 25 nbe weigh station say it will allow up to 500 pounds in without a ticket.

States that do not allow 400 pounds to the APU (based on our inquiries- subject to change):

Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey

There are a few states that are not in this list. We are still in contact state we have not received an answer from and give an update when it becomes available! Do not hesitate to contact us with your input and experience.

To obtain permission to lb. 400, you & # 39; You will need to be able to provide:

* Certified APU weight in writing (if your APU weighs 380 pounds, you & # 39;'re only allowed 380 pounds)

* Certified proof (or be able to demonstrate) that the APU with the & # 39 is a functional (operational)

You & # 39; You will also want to keep a copy of the federal regulation with you. You can find it in the electronic collection of Federal Regulations [http://www.gpoaccess.gov/ECFR/] Title 23 (roads), Part 658.17 (you & # 39; find it in the section n).


Unreliable RFID chip


The more the federal government passes laws to insure its security, the more dangerous I feel. Let's proposed use of the Government of RFID technology as an example of my concern.

RFID-stands for radio frequency identification. RFID-chip is a miniature device that has a very small chip antenna attached to tiny. If the chip hears a special radio signal, it responds with information, usually lengthy identification number. Chips, also called tags, which are used in the private sector a lot of information, tracking functions, including inventory management, EKG carts in hospitals, non-cash toll booths, the movement of shipping containers, library books, credit cards, and even tires. The military currently uses these chips in Iraq and using RFID technology since the Second World War.

The United States government more involved in technology for security purposes. Real ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005. The law requires a license, passport and identity card with a standardized driver's machine-readable data, to be in place across the country in December 2009. The technology used RFID.

The problem with this proposed dates with the & # 39 is that the federal government has not finalized the requirements of laws and does not specify how much it will pay for an estimated price of $ 11 billion program over the next 5 years. There are logistical issues related to the implementation as well. Analysis of the National Governors Association and the National Conference of State Legislatures doubts about the feasibility of obtaining each licensed driver in the Motor Vehicle Dept. to check identification documents for a period of time, like five years.

Real ID Act has its opponents. Maine, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee and Washington have passed laws opposing Real ID. These states worry about the loss of individual privacy and freedom.

State concerned that privacy can be violated because RFID technology can be prone to the virus and steal information. This is because the chips work similar to a smart card. The problem is that they can be read from a distance. The receiving device can "talk" to the chip remotely, without the need for physical contact, and get any information on him.

Passport officials suggest the ability to download the information on the chip simply by bringing it within a few centimeters of an e-reader. Unfortunately, RFID-chips can be read by any reader, not just those at passport control. Doubtful result of a & # 39 is that travelers carrying around RFID passports (and eventually driving license) transmit their identity. In tests, RFID chips have been read by receivers 20 meters.

Nevertheless, there are still big concerns about RFID-technology than its use in the driver's or passports. For many years, RFID-chips have been implanted in the body of animals to watch out for stray animals. There is a company called Verichip, which received FDA approval and produces a chip for a man in the store emergency medical information. The chip can be implanted in the thumb or the hand of man. Verichip implanted chip is about 50 people. The company also sells a chip implant in South America as a way to track potential victims are abducted.

In addition, consider the use of RFID-chips based on Citywatch.com Cincinnati. A private company has an integrated video surveillance silicon Verichip RFID chips in two of its employees. The company uses technology to control employee access to physical locations to save sensitive information safe. This is the first time that workers were chipped as the authentication method.

RFID-chips are used in humans in other countries. Chips have been implanted in more than 2,000 patrons a night club in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Rotterdam, the Netherlands for access to the club, and a simple method of payment services of the club. Credit Card Company is closely monitoring the technology for several years as a potential method for the chip-implanted customers to make secure purchases through their credit cards.

Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson is now on the Board of Directors Verichip. Thompson excited about the company's technology and sees a bright future for chip implants in humans for all their medical data storage.

(Human RFID implant) Verichip chip entailed questions of civil liberties and state governments. Last month, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a law that prohibits employers require employees to be implanted with RFID-tagged. sponsor of the bill State Senator Joe Simitian (D- Palo Alto), condemned human tagging as "the ultimate invasion of privacy."

If you are interested in keeping your medical records in a chip in your body, VeriChip implant procedure costs about $ 200 in a doctor's office. As for me, call me old-fashioned, as I will continue to use the medical card in my wallet. However, due to the passage of the Real ID Act, to ensure their personal safety, my next passport and driver's license may have to be wrapped in aluminum foil.


Evolution temporary bank building


The latest trailer has been one of the main products in the banking sector, bank trailers were placed on regional markets in which banks are considering opening branches in total. The Bank will set up a trailer to the intersection and observe the number of clients is drawn. In the case of the temporary sector it is also linked to the market and has been a strong bank will create a permanent branch, when on the other hand, the market was soft bank closes the trailer and move it a few miles up the road and the application process again.

Now, of course, is not part of the script as a full bank branches to & # 39 are almost on every corner, sometimes several branches located at one corner and they are fighting for the real estate space around the intersection with pharmacies and filling stations. Together with decent offices, banks set shop in supermarkets and shopping mall kiosks. In addition, you will find ATM machines (ATM & # 39; s) is installed inside the pharmacy, gas station and restaurants.

Although you do not see as many bank trailers there are more, the longer they are still there an important service. In addition, bank Trailers are not tiny dark converted mobile homes, many of us remember from our visit seven & # 39; families to create and account and get a free toaster. Today, temporary bank building purpose built modular structures, starting with heavy 12 "reinforced frame for the transportation of additional equipment needed in the bank – for instance as a safe area where he and # 39 ;. N are located, whether it be snow load on the north or the south wind loads.

In today & # 39; s temporary bank building you will discover a bright finish on the heavy-duty materials that are suitable for commercial use. The well-insulated ceilings you will find bright lights, large insulated windows, commercial glass doors, flush toilets and break area for the bank staff. In addition, the building is fully furnished with box-office windows, drop boxes, and cash drawers.

Although used to assess the market more as a rule, no longer find time bank buildings, banking institutions will rent them to be used as swing space during the reconstruction of the bank branch. Contractors can update or re-brand bank branch much faster and safer, if they do not have to run around the bank customers and employees. Modular building banks also make ideal industry on military bases and in remote areas, such as human camp is being developed in North Dakota, the Bank is also located at major events like the Olympics or in the auto centers during sale periods.

Temporary modular buildings found in other types of commercial applications, as a rule, re-defined at the time as they travel from place to place and are marketed, however, temporary structures found in the financial markets, as well as in health care and highly specialized clear purpose built. Since this is a purpose-built presence sometimes can be limited, especially after the disaster, when banks need to get their industry open and accessible. As a result of the nature of these buildings and their possible presence is reasonable for banking institutions to have an agreement about disaster recovery in place with temporary modular bank provider, so they can be sure of high quality construction of a temporary bank available in the case of a branch of the bank to maintain significant damage and being unable to service the affected client.


Alloy steel forgings in the oil industry


Alloy steel forgings are used in various ways in the oil and gas industry. One of the modern methods of extracting oil from the earth through a technique called hydraulic fracturing. Rich Texas oilman invented this technique after he struggled for decades to figure it out. Geologists and engineers are now using this method, called Fracking, extract oil buried underground. To do this, strong metal parts, tools and equipment are needed.

necessary spare parts

To extract oil from the ground, a variety of alloy steel forgings needed. Some examples include the portion of the tube, tubes, rings, flange connectors, valves, cylinders, shafts, and blocks the pump hub. hydraulic fracturing method includes creating carriages systems which force water mixed with chemical additives into the ground. When water is forced into the oil displaced. Holes are drilled down to a mile shale layer of soil; Next, the pipe and the pipe is inserted. At the well there rocking, holding tanks and flare pit to burn off the excess.

oil transportation

Alloy steel forgings are widely used in the transport sector. Every type of transport needs these solid metal parts to give them strength and durability to travel the road, track, ocean, and sky. Oil is transported from the distillation sections by train and truck. In areas of the country, such as North Dakota, a mile long train can be seen on the horizon hauling oil in black top hats. Freight transport raw black and refineries, as well.

oil patches

In areas of the country known as the oil patch. Many people do not even realize that oil and gas is now harvest time right here in the good old U.S.A other than Texas areas. These sites are located throughout the country; in addition to the central northern area, there is also a rich area in the north-east, south-west and west coast. In many areas of the natural resources within their part of the world is watching the economic boom taking place in their cities. There are pros and cons of methods, but all agree that when using the alloy steel forgings in response to the stainless steel components and durable equipment.

Industry relies on fossil fuels alloy steel forgings, to do its job. Today the method of hydraulic fracturing with & # 39 is the removal of a large part of this natural resource from shale layer of the earth. In order to drill into the ground, there bulletproof pipe installation force water with the addition of chemicals, and also to pump oil and gas, it is necessary that the industry relies on hard metal materials and components. This is true for drilling, pumping and transportation resources.


Mobile Oil Change Business – Is there any competition?


Not so long ago, 34-year-old mechanic contacted me about creating a mobile oil change business in the Midwest, he surprised if it made any sense. In particular, he was interested in the upper Midwest and more East than West. Moreover, the economy next cleaned there, and he had to find a job, and I think having your own business may be the right ticket. In particular, he was interested;

"My reason for research in the industry began with the desire to create this industry, if it has not already been created.

All of these common questions, and they have to meet, so that instead of answering these questions only once, I decided to turn it into an article such dialogue for all web readers. Firstly, yes, there is direct competition in virtually every major market in the US.

Now what concerns my personal experience in this area, as well as a brief history of what I & # 39; seen over the years, I will explain that too. You see, our company has grown organically, because we started in the mobile car wash and car wash truck business, so we've had clients asking for services, it was back in the 90s. Mobile oil change concept has been around forever looks.

People in the 60's and 70's were a mobile mechanical repairs in the 80 years starting mobile oil started becoming more popular. For 90 years there were several large markets with a very difficult competition. In Tampa and X & # 39; Euston were franchise operations, as well as in New Jersey. Then one of the & # 39 appeared in AZ, the other in the UK.

There is growth potential in the Midwest, and now I like the area of ​​North Dakota because of all the trucks and the fleet moving in to take advantage of the boom in the oil industry. In the DC area there are several startups distinguishing their 2-3 million in the capital of capital, but also to # 39; It s not so easy, is, while there is stiff competition through the VA and has been for many years.

I & # 39; saw the company in New Mexico, Colorado, OK, WY, KS, MO, WV, OH, IN, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, IO, NE. So I would not say that the market does not exist, it does, but it is not mature, largely fragmented. I & # 39; We had a couple of MBA students to do business plans for this kind of work before, and they always did a study and told me that there is a competition, and there are suppliers of equipment, vehicles and all kinds of things in almost every state.

Okay, so that leaves us to the next question, and I thank its loyal audience for requests sent, so that I could share this information with all of you. Until next time, keep up the good work America.


Five Great Powers for Golf Packages


If you & # 39; re an avid golfer, not a vacation does not appeal to you more convenient and affordable golf packages. Or you & # 39; re traveling with family & # 39; s, friends or by yourself, you and # 39; You will want to make sure you & # 39; re planning a trip before the start of the appointment. You & # 39; You will want to enjoy your favorite game on the big course, being near to the local cuisine, sights and attractions. Despite the fact that we all dream of playing a round on the famous St. Andrews in Scotland, there are a lot of great options here in the United States. Before you start browsing the different golf packages, be sure to think a little and consider the leader, what kind of state it will be better for you.


This seems an obvious choice for a great holiday on the basis of the amazing weather & # 39; I and a nice view. However, this state is also blessed with a large number of public golf courses with 41 Notables include Princeville Resort and Kapalua, where the PGA Tour & # 39; held since the season opener. With the amount of public courses, natural beauty, as well as plenty of activities away from the links there and # 39; s not like you and # 39; will ever be a sad day in Hawaii.

South Carolina

South Carolina with the & # 39 is home to the beautiful oak trees, beautiful architecture, and the southern charm you will not find anywhere else. He also & # 39 is home to 84 public golf courses. You & # 39; You find three of the most popular centers here – Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and Kiawah Island – and # 39; It's no wonder that many sports fans make the pilgrimage to this idyllic place.


Michigan is probably not the first country that comes to mind when you & # 39; re-think of the game of golf vacation destination. This is mainly due to the lack of a consistent presence PGA Tour and short season due to the cold winters of Michigan. However, "Mitten State" actually has a 5-star courses than any other state, a total of 137. One of the most popular & # 39 Arcadia are breakages due to its charm. Nha discounted Michigan when watching golf packages!


Another state that you would not expect to see in this list of Colorado. Better known for its ski resorts, the state has 57 public courses that have four stars or higher. Imagine a round of 18 holes with a towering, snow-capped mountains in the distance. Denver, Colorado Springs and Vail Valley all the popular places.

North Dakota

Despite the fact that it is the third least populated state in the country and with the & # 39 is home to a total of 6 public courses, there are positives to consider. Yellowstone beauty can be seen for miles in the podium Course. You & # 39; re-found illegally overcrowded courses or fight for tee time. You & # 39; You will be able to enjoy your favorite sport alone. There are great deals to be found in North Dakota as well as playing Edgewood GC in Fargo for $ 30.

So think long and hard before booking your next vacation in golf. You may end up having a great time in the state you would like.


How to create a site – the right way


A brief overview of the process of developing a website.

Quick guide on how to create and design a website effectively. Next the process of developing a website will provide your website with a & # 39 is one of the most important in your industry now and for years beyond.

Please note that there is an infinite number of variables that can change the way you designed website and delivery. Website design projects never quite clear, and so the process / sequence should be changed from time to time on the basis of requirements, changes and customer expectations. Los Angeles web design, working in Hollywood, can be much more important than say someone from North Dakota, who owns a small motel. Shop with one product is less than the web design needs than the Los Angeles Dodgers. This guide will help you get started on the right track.

Step 1: Pick up and

One will want to start a website design project with a client meeting. Total, website designer, and the client must determine what should be done, who is responsible for what role (content, images, files, logos, design approval), which are located at all points of contact with both sides, as well as other specific customers and expectations of developers.

Step 2: Brainstorming

During the meeting and welcome, brainstorming is vital. What is a website? Who are the competitors? Who are the & # 39 is the main competitor? Who are we trying to beat? Who are the & # 39 is the target audience? What is important and what is not? What should be on every page? Or & # 39 is this site only and people from all over the world come to the site Los Angeles website?

Tip: Block diagram of a & # 39 is an excellent tool to use here. Create a home page and derive from being able to create all the necessary pages. Include all the functions on this page that you need, such as the user's login name, interactive PDF files, interactive forms, photo gallery applications, etc.

Step 3: Wireframe or Hand Drawing

Many people do not have the slightest idea what the skeleton is there, but in the design of the site is very important for the designer. Skeleton is a skeleton of a sketch or drawing of your website pages showing all the elements and functions of the web page should be immediately developed. Frame will include the title (with the elements necessary), the movement with all the buttons required, specific sections of the body / middle of the page, such as an area for flash animation or segregated marketing boxes for different types of users, as well as information footers.

Frame is not necessary to include graphic design elements. It is used to decide on the get go, what problems or missing elements and acts as a basis for your design, content and coding.

Step 4: Content Planning

In the breakdown of the frame, and the pages, it's time to write content that should go to each web page. As a rule, the client or external content writer to collect and send content to the website of the project team. Writing content to & # 39 is the biggest load for the customer during the development of the web-site of the project and can be time consuming. Attackers Interactive offers a close look at competitors to make sure that you have included all of what they do best, and then beat them.

Step 5: Initial Design

While the client is running in step 4, the web site designer can work on the home page design, which, once approved, will serve as the canvas / template for the rest of the site. It is best to develop the homepage first, and as soon as the client approves the move to the rest of the page.

Step 6: Customer Reviews

The client should browse the web design files (home page only) and approve or propose amendments. The client must verify that you are meeting expectations and is moving in the right direction. It's time for the customer to offer their expert opinions of industry.

Step 7: Design Rework

A little back and forth is required here. Website designer should wait to make a few changes to the client and each page has to wait for the opportunity to provide feedback. Typically, a web design company is responsible for establishing the basic rules on how many changes will be included and at what point an additional fee will be required.

Step 8: Client Approval

The client must approve the design of the home page as soon as the necessary work and additional work after feedback has been completed. The process of confirming the client's primary responsibility.

Step 9: Additional Page Design

Homepage will serve as a framework for all internal pages. After a page is approved by the site designer or design team must then project all internal pages of the site.

Step 10: Confirmation

After this bit of back and forth (audit) the client must approve all versions of the page design. This statement needs to happen before moving on to the actual coding, since design changes beyond this point will take more time to update than they would have been before coding begins

Step 11: Creating HTML and CSS … Do not forget to SEO!

website designer can now begin to build the actual HTML and CSS … layout design working website. Make sure to include the appropriate assembly to search engines include title tags, keywords and content search.

Step 12: Client Presentation

Once the site is ready, the client needs to be a final opportunity to review and provide any feedback or correction is necessary so the site perfectly polished for launch.

Step 13: Test

This is the last difficult step. Test, test some more, and check again. Check the code, check the keywords, check all of the text, to make sure there are no typos and inaccuracies. Check cross-browser functionality (ie, Internet Explorer and Firefox), to make sure that the web design look good in all environments.

Step 14: Launch

Go Live! Now is the time to launch the website for the public. Be sure to check the site every day for two weeks to make sure nothing funky place and maybe ask some of your co-workers or family members & # 39; and to consider, as well.

Step 15: Review

A good website design with a & # 39 is one that is always relevant. Store updates, settings and improvements. Search engines change their rules too so make sure you are on top of your game, or your web designer. A good tool for the installation (free of charge) to the & # 39 is Google Analytics, which allows you to track user interaction with the site.


Top 5 sales tax issues Nexus for technology companies


Sales Tax Checklist for technology companies

  1. You make online sales? (On all internet sales, sales tax … because believing that the product / service is subject. The question is whether the seller is obliged to collect and remit or whether the buyer is required to report themselves.)
  2. Do you have any partnerships (for generating sales) of out-of state companies?
  3. Do you have sales representatives travel outside their home state?
  4. As you participate in exhibitions outside of your home state?
  5. Do you have employees or agents who perform services on your behalf outside of your home state?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you could create a tax liability of sales outside of his native state. Also, remember surtax Nexus discord sales tax binder. These rules are applied differently.


Nexus with 39 & # is a "compound" or "link." Sales and use tax nexus relate to the relationship between an individual or legal entity and tax jurisdiction, that jurisdiction is sufficient to require the person or entity to carry out their sales and use tax laws.

At present, the basis for determining when the tax sale and use of the Nexus, there occurs in two cases the Supreme Court; Quill Corp. against North Dakota [May 26, 1992]And the National Bellas Hess, Inc. vs.Department Illinois Gains [May 8, 1967], In both Quill Corp. and National Bellas Hess, Inc., the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the taxpayer, limiting states & # 39; ability to impose its authority over burdensome interstate commerce. Guide obtained from these two cases may be used today & # 39; s markets to manage sales and use tax compliance obligations.

While most states continue to refer to those cases where the sales tax clearance Nexus thresholds, the state to continue to expand its sales and use tax authority. With Nexus with & # 39 is the main element that requires the company to collect and transfer the sales tax, it # 39; It s important to note some of the difficulties in determining whether a & # 39 is a company with tax Nexus sales or not.

Like most of the sales and use issues related to tax, determining whether or not the sales tax nexus exists, it requires some level of interpretation of the state and # 39; s status as it relates to the activities of the sub & # 39 object. With that background, here are the most common questions, technology companies are struggling with sales tax tie point of view. In addition, it should be noted that sellers do not actually "charge" Sales Tax. Most likely, the seller & # 39; s «to collect and translate the" sales tax. This can be important. For example, as in the case of Internet sales, sales tax is always "because." This problem is whether the seller is obliged to collect and transfer the tax or if the buyer is obliged to report.

# 1. Affiliate Nexus, "Amazon" Laws and Click-Through Nexus

Internet dismissed in changing our buying patterns and reducing the sales tax revenue. With our current tax system and regulations interrelated, as stated above, is a merchant of the state (as well – the seller without a binder able to) the sale of goods to the consumer or business over the Internet is not required to collect sales tax. It is the buyer & # 39; s responsibility for self-assessment tax and voluntarily remit use tax to the state. Most companies are aware of this aspect, but many consumers are not & # 39 are.

States shall ensure compliance with these laws through business auditing; However, the state does not have the capacity, and not from the & # 39 is practical to check each user. So, instead of going after the consumer states seek to abide by the rules, which require heavy idle state businesses to collect taxes.

That's why "branch connection" and "Amazon's law" or "click through bonding" evolved. These are ways in which the government tried to use existing standards require NEXUS released from retailers to collect state taxes that otherwise would not be collected. A typical scenario is when the business is the state forms a relationship with a business in the state (often referred to as an affiliate) with the sole purpose of client referrals by connecting to business & # 39 from another state; s website. For this direction, then in a state of the business it gets some type of commission or other remuneration. Relationships established through affiliate programs create a nexus for business outside the states, creating an obligation for the collection and transfer of local sales tax. Several states, including Illinois and California, recently introduced legislation branch Nexus primarily targeting major online retailers such as Amazon, hence the name «Amazon law." In response to this legislation, Amazon has lowered their affiliate programs in most of these countries. By dropping the affiliate program, the company intends to terminate its relationship with the state and avoid the potential for & # 39; sales tax collection responsibility. However, this can be problematic, since most states consider Nexus exist for at least twelve months following the activity that created the Nexus.

New York State passed a law, known as "granting commission agreement", which creates a rebuttable presumption that a person (the seller) makes the sale of movable property or services to the business extortion at the expense of an independent contractor, or other representative, if the seller enters into a contract with a resident in New York according to which the resident, for a commission or other compensation directly or indirectly reflects the potential customers, whether by reference to the Internet web site or otherwise, to the seller (click through links). The assumption applies if the total gross income from the sale of the seller clients in the state switched to the seller all the inhabitants of this type of agreement with the seller more than $ 10,000 over the previous four quarterly periods ending on the last day of February, May, August, and November. The assumption may be challenged by evidence that the resident with whom the seller has an agreement not to engage in any jurisdiction in New York on behalf of the seller, who meets the requirements of the US Constitution interconnected within four precedenting quarterly periods. NY Tax Law 1101 (b) (8) (VI).

Technology companies should review their affiliate programs and see which states, in particular, have the "Amazon's laws", "Partner Communications" regulations or «Click-Through Nexus» rules. It is constantly changing area that requires careful monitoring. At the time publications, California took 1 year to cancel their «Amazon law" about.

# 2. sales representatives

The idea of ​​a sales representative, sitting in the home office in the state, than where the headquarters are located with a & # 39 is a good example of an activity which establishes the sales tax nexus in a state where a sales representative based. However, what happens when a sales representative travels to other countries to meet with prospects or clients? This kind of activity often occurs with technology companies as a sales representative meeting with a view to demonstrate their product. Or & # 39; is this activity generates sales tax nexus will depend on the condition and the frequency of the activity. Each State & # 39; s rules are slightly different in terms of the threshold that must be performed to create the Nexus. However, for some states, a sales representative, going to state in one day will create sales tax nexus. While other states have more lenient thresholds, the general rule with empirical & # 39 is that the three days of this type of activity will create a nexus for sales and use tax purposes.

Texas provides that from out of state vendors engaged in the sale, rental or lease of taxable items for storage, use or other consumption in Texas are required to collect use tax from the purchaser. «Retailer engaged in this state business" may include, among other activities, any retailer: The presence of any representative, agent, salesman, an agitator or an attorney working in Texas for retail management or its subsidiary to sell, deliver or accept orders for any of the & # 39 objects of taxation. Texas Tax Code Ann. 151.107 (a) (2); Texas Tax Publication 94-108, is engaged in the business (sales and use tax) 2006/01/11.

Nexus Strategy: Instead of face-to-face presentations to customers, technology companies may consider conducting product demonstrations via the Internet through WebEx, GoToMeeting or other similar applications.

# 3. exhibitions

Technology companies with a & # 39 are frequent exhibitors. Typically, companies attending the exhibition to promote their products and services. The company can promote their products and services through a representative or employee of the agent and / or display their goods through a kiosk or booth. In any of these scenarios, the company performs a type of imposition.

This solicitation activity that determines the connection has been established. Nevertheless, a number of countries have established specific thresholds (number of days in attendance at the show), in order to determine when the company participated in the exhibition created a nexus in the state. For example, California has set the standard for more than fifteen (15) days – that is, when you visit the exhibition in California for fifteen days or less, you have not created a nexus in California (provided that this is your only activity within the state). Cal. Rev. and tax. Cd. 6203 (g); Cal. Code Regs. 18 one thousand six hundred eighty-four (b).

Nexus from Michigan will not be created unless the contact person has to Michigan consists of: (1) participate in the exhibition, in which no orders are not accepted goods i is not for sale is not made, or (2) that take part in the exhibition, which nO orders for goods accepted i do not sell are not made less than 10 days cumulatively on a yearly basis. However, this rule does not apply if the person conducts the following activities: soliciting sales; making repairs or providing a service or maintenance of the property sold or to be sold; Captures the current or delinquent accounts, by assignment or otherwise, related to the sale of movable property or services; of the property is sold to customers; installation or installation supervision during or after delivery, or delivery; provide training to employees, agents, representatives, independent contractors, brokers or other persons acting on the seller & # 39 from another state; s name, or for clients or potential clients; to provide customers with any technical assistance or services, including, but not limited to, engineering assistance, service design, quality control, inspection of products or similar services; research, treatment or other assistance in resolving customer complaints; consulting services; or soliciting, negotiating or entering into franchising, licensing or similar arrangements. Michigan Revenue Administrative Bulletin 1999-1, 1999/12/05.

The technology company has to carefully plan where they will be present at the show and understand the nexus thresholds sales tax associated with each state for this kind of activity.

# 4. Employees or agents providing services to

Technology companies that send employees to provide implementation, installation or repair created by Nexus for sales and use tax purposes. The fact that it is not sold or not harassment activity does not mean that this activity does not create sales tax nexus. On the contrary, these acts are likely to create a link to the sales tax and the use.

Washington State Supreme Court, in a recent ruling states that a manufacturer who uses a passenger in a state with the sole purpose of meeting with the clients simply manage relationships was enough to create the Nexus. This activity is considered as a mechanism that created a market in the country and, as a result, creates a link to the producer. RWR MANAGEMENT, INC., Appellant, v. Washington State Department of Revenue, Respondent, 10-332, 06/27/2011.

The use of non-employees to support clients can have the same effect. For example, the hardware business technology, which uses a local resource for repair or performing other maintenance to their customers providing services through a branch, and it is believed that they have created a link to sales and use tax purposes. Or & # 39 are the person providing customer service with a & # 39 is an employee or business does not matter for the states. The fact that the person is in the state and performance of services on behalf of out-of-state business enough to create a nexus for business outside the state.

Technology enterprise should evaluate the activities related to non-sales, which is carried out in every state, including installation and maintenance / support services as well as services provided by a representative of third parties in the evaluation of their sales and use tax nexus foot print.

# 5. Income tax Nexus discord Sales Tax Nexus

There & # 39; it is often suggested that if a company has income tax nexus, they also have sales tax nexus. End of story. This is true, but only partly. The second half of the & # 39 is that the company may have sales tax nexus with no income tax nexus. The threshold for the sales tax is significantly lower than the income tax. For example, a sales solicitation, is generally regarded as the sales tax nexus that generates activity, while the same activity is not, in itself, create income tax nexus (See PL 86-272). The most well-intentioned CPA firm to the belief that, because the connection has not been created for the purposes of income tax, sales and use tax nexus does not exist. This, of course, is not intended, but & # 39 is the result of the limited knowledge of sales and use tax laws.

In Pennsylvania, out of state suppliers / vendors that support business in Pennsylvania and sell or lease taxable tangible personal property or services tax must be registered and Pennsylvania sales and use taxes. On. Stat. Ann. 72 7202; Pa.Stat. Ann. 72 7237 (b); . According to the Code 61 56.1 (a) "Maintenance of the place of business" in Pennsylvania includes, among other activities: regular or substantially soliciting orders in Pennsylvania by proxy, dealer, agent, or representative, regardless of orders received in Pennsylvania ; On. Stat. Ann. 72 7201 (b); On. Code 61 56.1 (b).

Technology companies need to be aware of their special knowledge of CPA firms have to provide tax advice sales. Sales tax with the & # 39 is a unique discipline with different rules from state to state.


Establishment of the sales tax nexus often & # 39 is the culmination of a number of interdependent activities. For example, a business technology can spend three days in a state soliciting orders, two days at the exhibition, as well as in a day or two to sell their products. Each of these activities can create sales tax nexus itself, but also to be seen in connection with other activities regard the establishment.

It is important to note that as soon as the sales tax bond was created, the need to collect sales tax and remit triggered (assuming that you are selling to be exempt from certain state taxes). Sales Tax Nexus is associated with a legal person and covers all sales channels. For example, if you have a direct channel sales and online sales channel, when a connection is established in a state of both channels may be the sales and use tax laws of that State.