Mobile Oil Change Business – Is there any competition?


Not so long ago, 34-year-old mechanic contacted me about creating a mobile oil change business in the Midwest, he surprised if it made any sense. In particular, he was interested in the upper Midwest and more East than West. Moreover, the economy next cleaned there, and he had to find a job, and I think having your own business may be the right ticket. In particular, he was interested;

"My reason for research in the industry began with the desire to create this industry, if it has not already been created.

All of these common questions, and they have to meet, so that instead of answering these questions only once, I decided to turn it into an article such dialogue for all web readers. Firstly, yes, there is direct competition in virtually every major market in the US.

Now what concerns my personal experience in this area, as well as a brief history of what I & # 39; seen over the years, I will explain that too. You see, our company has grown organically, because we started in the mobile car wash and car wash truck business, so we've had clients asking for services, it was back in the 90s. Mobile oil change concept has been around forever looks.

People in the 60's and 70's were a mobile mechanical repairs in the 80 years starting mobile oil started becoming more popular. For 90 years there were several large markets with a very difficult competition. In Tampa and X & # 39; Euston were franchise operations, as well as in New Jersey. Then one of the & # 39 appeared in AZ, the other in the UK.

There is growth potential in the Midwest, and now I like the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Dakota because of all the trucks and the fleet moving in to take advantage of the boom in the oil industry. In the DC area there are several startups distinguishing their 2-3 million in the capital of capital, but also to # 39; It s not so easy, is, while there is stiff competition through the VA and has been for many years.

I & # 39; saw the company in New Mexico, Colorado, OK, WY, KS, MO, WV, OH, IN, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, IO, NE. So I would not say that the market does not exist, it does, but it is not mature, largely fragmented. I & # 39; We had a couple of MBA students to do business plans for this kind of work before, and they always did a study and told me that there is a competition, and there are suppliers of equipment, vehicles and all kinds of things in almost every state.

Okay, so that leaves us to the next question, and I thank its loyal audience for requests sent, so that I could share this information with all of you. Until next time, keep up the good work America.