The ban on smoking Overview


Adverse effect of smoking on one & # 39, S Health has been known, even cigarettes and other tobacco products were first made. Few people have the supreme body one way or another made the pronunciation of the ban on tobacco use. And for years, the penalties for violating the ban on smoking Var & # 39; Irawan from the heaviest to the lightest penalties that may be imposed on him as a possible ban on smoking violators.

History of smoking ban tentative dates back as early as 1590, when the then Pope Urban VII published the first known smoking ban in public places. Pope Urban VII warned against those who use tobacco or even at the slightest marriages tobacco premiums churches around the world. History of smoking ban continues in 1624, when Pope Urban VIII issued a strict ban on smoking in the world and the threats to separate those found guilty, as well as the use or bringing tobacco concession church. Nevertheless, these two after smoking bans were lifted by Pope Benedict XIII, who was himself a smoker.

Since that time, other world leaders and dignitaries have each in their own stories contributed smoking ban for years. In 1633, Sultan Murad IV of the Ottoman Empire issued a ban on smoking within its competence and performs those who disobey the ban on smoking. In 1634 Tsar Mikhail Russia contributed to the history of the smoking ban and warned violators that they will be treated as criminals, which can be executed.

In 1646, Massachusetts General Court bans smoking for all its citizens, unless they are within five miles of the city. And next year the Connecticut colony smoking restricts its citizens one stick a day.

Continuing the story of the smoking ban, in 1891, the Iranians are to Ayatollah Haji Mirza Hasan Shirazi, a ban on trade in all tobacco products, launched a rebellion against tobacco.

Moving forward in 1895 in North Dakota, the story of the smoking ban continues to prohibit the sale of cigarettes, followed by twenty-six years of policies to combat smoking, which was only repealed in 1927.

Even one of the most famous tyrants in history, Adolf Hitler contributed to the history of the smoking ban, imposing heavy taxes on tobacco products. During the 20th century, the tobacco industry has become an important economic factor so that a smoking ban should be stopped. However, there are some drives awareness of the preservation of the rights of smokers and non-smokers. Legislation was passed in the United States, there are separate areas for smokers in public places.

To date, the history of smoking continues with the majority of US states, which prohibits smoking in public places and provides stiff penalties for violators. Other countries, especially in the UK, have the same laws and policies that prohibit smoking in public places. Penalties for violating the ban on smoking Var & # 39; iravatstsa from one country to another, Var & # 39; iruetstsa from imprisonment to fines.