Loader – Invention and history


Very first three-wheel skid loader front end was an invention of the brothers Louis and Cyril Keller in his machine shop in Minnesota in 1957 created the brothers Keller loader to help in cleaning the turkey manure in the barn neighbor. Compact and lightweight loader, having a rear caster wheel can turn within its own length as being able to perform tasks that are also performed using a conventional front-end loader.

Later in 1958, the Melroe manufacturing company located in Gwinner, North Dakota has acquired the right of ownership and the right to boot Koehler and at the same time used the brother to continue to improve their invention. Partnership on a result of the invention and the production of M-200, the introduction of which was not until the end portion 1958 of the year.

Skid loader has a double front drive wheels, which are independent from each other, and on the back of the turntable, and a lift motor 12 with a power of 750 pounds. Two years later, after they introduced the loader with caster wheel, they replaced it on the rear axle. Loader M400 was also introduced, and thus, the birth of the first skid loader wheel 4.

The name Bobcat was added in 1962 to provide a description of the key features and properties of the machinery. M400 power comes from the power of the engine by 15.5 horse. By the mid-1960s, the loader is expanded with the introduction of M600 loader.

In addition to numerous Bobcat rubber tire skid loader equipment, there are also all-wheel steer loader and compact loaders. The latter provide less disturbance on the ground and better control even on soft, wet and muddy grounds.