Welding of pipes: How Get Ready For The Coming Oil Boom (Yes, the new US Oil and Gas Boom – Coming Soon)


What's the news?

President holds approval giant Keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas. Prem & # 39; er Minister of Canada is in China looking for another buyer of oil, which will go down the tube in Texas. Alternative energy companies are failing. Europe is falling apart with economic problems. What does all this mean? The oil and gas boom in the US in the near future. Why?

Look, I'm as "green," as no one.

None of us want to harm the planet. What «Greenies» does not understand – technology should be economically viable to switch to green energy will occur. It's getting there, but not there. At the same time, we need oil independence from hostile countries, and we need jobs.

In my opinion, point A:

Keystone pipeline will be approved only after the elections no later than perhaps ever before. Shale oil throughout the United States will continue to grow. When that will increase natural gas production.

We are sitting on a fairly clean natural gas for US power for 100 years – to supply all including cars and big rigs! It is so clean, no problem use. Using it, we will achieve independence from our enemies, just to feed our economic recovery, and we have the time we need to go to solar energy.

In my opinion, the point B:

The growing number of jobs in everything to do with access to oil and gas will explode in the near future. Now (for example), the unemployment rate in North Dakota, is about 3.5%. Hamburger flippers make $ 15 per hour. Pipe welders make up to $ 12,000 (yes, $ 12k) per month. Follow the demand for larger pipe welders. Why?

Only about 5100 welder can weld pipe. Why? It is difficult to learn, but it is not the reason so few welders entirely welded pipe. The reason is that they do not have the time or money to attend school welding pipes. Very few structural welders believe they can teach themselves to weld pipe. The sad truth is, if they knew that they could teach themselves, they can prepare for the boom, which is coming.

We Americans really need to wake up and smell the oil and gas.

We are blessed with a country full of oil and gas, and it can pave the way for ever powering the country's sunny. In order to get to the solar energy, we need to get to our own oil and gas production in the first place.

China circuit oil and gas contracts worldwide. China is building a coal-fired power plant in the day. China knows that it needs all the energy it can get, so that it can make the transition to the future. Are we not as smart as China? Do not we know that oil and gas from the & # 39 are through to the sun? I think what we're doing.


If you plan on car & # 39; a career in welding or any car & # 39; EASURES relating to the oil and gas, it is necessary to do some research on your own before you head down that road car & # 39; EASURES. A good start would be Google «jobs in North Dakota," and do some reading.

What should you do next?