Atlanta Bread Company Franchise Review


Atlanta Bread bakery cafe chain based in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, Georgia in 1993, Jerry and Basil Couvaras. This company has been franchising since 1995. By the end of 2008, it has 110 locations in 24 states. The headquarters is located in Smyrna, GA.

The concept of the bakery cafe serves a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, gourmet coffee, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, cakes, spreads and desserts. Pasta, pizza and breakfast choices such as French toast and omelettes are also shown on selected locations. The company has the most amazing concept of power and those who are interested in its franchise business option provides full support for real estate training aid. franchising offers only through the circular deals.

Atlanta Bread Company is owned by 2 units and 167 franchised units. All 169 Atlanta Bread Company Bakery units are distributed throughout the United States and so far none of its units are not in the Canadian provinces, or in any other foreign country. In addition to this, there is still no operational units in South Carolina and North Carolina.

The company is registered in the following states: Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, California, Indiana, Hawaii, North Dakota, Michigan, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Oregon, District of Columbia, Alberta and Washington.

Qualification for the franchisee:

Financial net worth with the & # 39 is very large. It is also important for the franchisee to be a personal interview and a psychological profile. Also to be considered s general business experience, specific industry experience and formal education; Franchisee & # 39.

10 years is a period of renewal and initial franchise agreement. Passive ownership permitted; However, this is highly undesirable. Franchisees may expand within its territory and the agreement on the development of the area one year is also in place. sub-contract or franchise agreement is not available.

Training and support of corporate personnel, aid in lease negotiations, site selection assistance and direct financial assistance is offered. Training will be held for 7 weeks in Atlanta. T

There will be no regional, cooperative, local or national advertising, these marketing materials or other marketing support. Constant support, such as a field evaluation of the centralized procurement system, the initial opening of the store, on-site training, regional or national meetings, inventory management and hotline 800 phones on the spot for an additional fee.

Franchise Price:

In order to enjoy the franchise Atlanta Bread Company Bakery Cafe minimum cash investment required is $ 400, 000.

  • required General & # 39; the amount of money invested – $ 650, 000-1MM
  • The average total of & # 39; investments – $ 825,000
  • Minimum net worth – $ 1 mm
  • Primary and secondary franchisee fee – $ 400 000
  • Permanent and average royalty – 5%
  • Advertising contribution – 2%
  • The average number of employees needed for 34 full-time work. part-time employees is not allowed.
  • The space required for the cafe -. 4000-4500 sq meters (preferably free-standing display case or building)
  • Many claims there is an e-learning are provided and conversion shall not apply

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