Phone numbers of the lottery winners


Joe Claffy. Joe Denette. Isabel Zelaya. Janet Alnwick. Brad Duke. Neal Wanless. Palmira Nicola. Paul Rosen. What these people have in common? They are all big lottery winners. What else they might have in common? They probably all have received a lot of unsolicited phone calls after the announced winners of the lotto. Do you think that these people wish they were unregistered phone numbers to the previous claiming their prizes? Yes, probably.

Everyone wants they could win the lottery; it would be a dream come true. But many people do not consider the consequences of his fame after claiming the big jackpot. If only they knew what would happen.

Why do people want to phone a lottery winner? Simply, they want money. This may be charitable organizations seeking donations, business people, as financial planners to search for new customers, or even long-lost friends or relatives who suddenly looking to reconnect. This can be a big invasion of privacy for the new lottery winners.

Some people think that if they say that the jackpot anonymously, no one will know your name and, therefore, will not have the opportunity to watch their numbers. But most of the lotteries in North America requires jackpot winners names will be published. It is important for the public perception of the lottery. Thus, you can not qualify anonymously. However, you can get around that in a few selected states. You can qualify anonymously in Ohio, for example. In 2006 year, Mega Millions jackpot of $ 265 million was announced trusts and lottery officials could only say that the winning ticket was sold in the Cincinnati area. This man obviously did not want any phone calls.

There are a few select states with a law requiring the lottery corporations in order to preserve the identity of lottery winners in secret, when required, including Delaware, Kansas, and North Dakota. You do not have to worry about that with the phone number, if you win the lottery, in those states.

If you are not lucky enough to live in one of the states that allow you to qualify for the lottery anonymous, and you value your privacy is probably best that you could do is get the phone number for registration of claims