Crown Hill at Rockrimmon in Colorado Springs, Colorado

General William J. Palmer is credited with the founding of Colorado Springs back in August of 1871. Situated at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Palmer’s desire was to develop Colorado Springs as a top-tier resort town where folks could come to relax and cure their ails. The dry, mild climate was thought to be beneficial for those suffering from tuberculosis. Palmer laid out the plans for the town, its streets, and he donated large parcels of land for churches, schools, and parks to help the area grow.

In time, Colorado Springs blossomed into a bustling community and General Palmer was indeed invested in its growth and development. He liked the area so much, he built his residence-Glen Eyrie-on the west side of Colorado Springs near Garden of the Gods, quite arguably the best side of town for outdoor pursuits. Glen Eyrie still stands today and serves as a tourist destination as well as a location for those interested in local history.

So why is William Palmer such a notable figure to this day? A lot of what makes Colorado Springs a desirable place to live is its abundance of outdoor recreation activities and large network of parks. One such park is the 343-acre Ute Valley Park, located in the heart of the Rockrimmon community on the northwest side of Colorado Springs in the shadows of Pikes Peak & the Rocky Mountains. This park is packed with trails for hiking, biking, wildlife, picnics, and just general family fun. People come from all over the city to visit this park and enjoy all the great outdoors it has to offer, and many of them leave at the end of a glorious day wishing they had this wonderful place right outside their back door-literally. What many don’t know is that there is an opportunity available to a select group of folks who know a good bargain when they see one-especially during an economic downturn.

Backing up to Ute Valley Park is the new neighborhood of Crown Hill at Rockrimmon, the last area in Rockrimmon available with direct park access from the properties. What makes Crown Hill different is the fact that it is a neighborhood with ready-to-build lots available. Many families are seeing the incredible value these lots are and while some families may not be ready to build immediately, they are buying available lots to reserve their piece of Colorado right outside their future backyard. You won’t see cookie cutter houses with identical elevations lining the neighborhood streets. You won’t see manufactured or prefabricated homes bringing down neighborhood values. General Palmer would have been proud to call this development his own. Why?

It has been brought to our attention that purchasing land in a time of economic uncertainty may serve as a hedge against inflation. That’s right, money that would normally be fettering away with the tumultuous roller coaster ride of the stock market can be safely invested in an area where home and land values continue to increase (or hold steady) despite the real estate market. Interest rates are at an all-time low, but this will not always be the case.

Investing in land is an excellent choice, one that some consider an equal to investing in gold (except land is not near as volatile as gold). How can you be certain the land will hold its value? I’m glad you asked! Very close to Crown Hill at Rockrimmon and Ute Valley Park are a few of the outstanding Academy School District 20 schools. This school district is perhaps the most highly desirable district to live in for the entire Pikes Peak region. Students excel at an extraordinary level, as evidenced by the state test results that are released yearly.

Ever thought of building a custom home? With new home builds almost grinding to all but a complete stop, there are custom home builders who are eager for clients, which means that you can quite possibly and amazingly build the home of your dreams for a fraction of the cost it would have cost you 24 months ago.

A lot of measures were put in place in January of 2009 to get the economy churning again. This has made interest rates at their lowest rates in a long time. Builders are so hungry for smart clients (They are practically begging for a client like you…) who want to build in a well engineered development that you can build a home at a fantastic price and get superior workmanship all at the same time. Right now you are in the perfect storm where all the stars have aligned to provide you with this opportunity to make a decision on obtaining your piece of the American Dream…

Who wouldn’t want to live next to direct park access, one of the most desirable locations in the entire city located within a top academic school district nestled right up against the Rocky Mountains? This development is so amazing that you will wake up every morning in the shadow of the most talked about mountain in America. Pikes Peak has helped inspire one of the most famous American songs ever written, “America The Beautiful” Does this sound like something that is merely a dream?

It does exist, and it can be yours-if you act quickly. You see, successful people seize opportunity when it presents itself and rare opportunities don’t come every day… If you wait too long, another opportunity in life will have passed you by leaving you to wonder why you didn’t go for it when you had the chance. Imagine-you can invite your friends over to play in your backyard-all 343+ acres of it! Want to go for a bike ride or a hike without packing up the car and kids? Just walk right outside your door-and it’s waiting for you. Love to mountain bike? Ute Valley Park abounds with single-track trails.

We like to think that William J. Palmer would be pleased with how the town of Colorado Springs has grown into a bustling city with pristine neighborhoods, excellent schools, and a population of avid outdoor lovers. Check out Crown Hill at Rockrimmon for yourself. If you are ready to build a home, then there are builders ready to listen to your needs and place a bid for your project. If you like the area and want to invest in the land to build on at a future time-now is an excellent time for that as well (Financing Available!).

You may just be one of the select few who have stumbled upon an incredibly rare deal- People make decisions that affect their life in a positive way every day. They see an opportunity and take it… It’s your turn, do not let this rare gem pass you by, seize the moment or risk losing it forever. Call or email us today for a showing.