Sailing, sailing


It's 8:00 am, and the cold wind out of water in the face. The water is cold as I run my hand through the changing waves. While in mid-July, two more hours of sun of North Dakota will be needed before the sweater can come off.

My brother Alan puts the last of the supplies while I struggle with the canvas tarpaulin. The boat begins to look less bare as the sails down, and cushions are arranged around. Far shore concealed invisible in the morning mist, mysterious feeling to the water exaggerates the infinite distance through deep water. Just a touch of the warm sun on my face saves the day by hostility. Interestingly, the seemingly too big cooler that contains only food available for miles around and anticipate unknown sweetness it should contain. Small engine responds instantly to the starter, the battery is being well taken care dumb charger solar cell. The faint smell of diesel fuel quickly left behind as the boat safely shows the face to the deep water. Curt team to guide my hands to the task of checking Thorns, letters and sail for the task ahead. Which looks flimsy jib argues that twelve knots of wind all this can work. We will see that a lot of wind today? Al-captain says that "probably more" and not taken care of.

Diesel suddenly stops and slapping waves take harsher note. We walked almost straight into the wind and do not make a lot of progress, as we entered the dark compartment of the water and successfully jibed on the port side. Now we traveled at a right angle to the wind, a pronounced stoop with noticeable after quickened our pace. My face just inches from the water falling, we seemed to race recklessly ahead of the wave, bow, break through the green water.

A quick glance at the speedometer shows a needle creeping steadily climbing toward the mark of ten knots. Could this be? He felt that sixty miles per hour in the car. Some large waves pound the body with a hidden force, keeping time with the invisible maniacal director, each felt a fist through my legs like a giant drum. To date, the hiss of the waves forms a convenient backdrop to the screeching seagulls and babble loose cloth. Sharp orders from the captain caused a flurry of fixes sails, anxious glances, trying to keep up with the advances of the wind. Needle slowly creeping up past the mark of 12 knots, corresponding to the anxious eyes, measuring the height of the new wave. The increase in the slope of the deck annoying turnbuckles as we race towards the unknown.

After two hours, covered with skin on my forehead proves the strength of the sun, in spite of the cooling effect of the breeze. Our destination island boasts a quiet cove where we can safely anchor for a relaxing lunch.

Suddenly the sky darkened, threatening rain and strong wind rattles the letter angrily whipping waves to new heights. My brother, the captain enjoys the gift of the winds horsepower, looking for that perfect title that will produce the maximum speed. The deck tilted angle terrible loose objects sliding in sympathy. My heart keeps racing time with the waves, we quickly close the gap to the approaching horizon.

As fast as a & # 39; the wind was, he was dying in steady six knots. Thank God, I think that the sails are held due to the fact that it seemed certain disaster, as we slip into the protected calm sunny harbors.