The Colorado Drug Rehab Landscape

Colorado has a population of close to five million people, but like many other parts of the country, the number of people entering some type of drug or alcohol rehab program is climbing.

This can be viewed two different ways. On one hand, it shows that more people who need help are getting some substance abuse treatment services, but it is also an indication of a rising drug problem.

There were just over 69,000 treatment admissions in 2004, and that number climbed to more than 76,000 in 2005 and over 78,000 in 2006. In addition, there is an estimated 110,000 people in the state who reported needing but not receiving any type of treatment for drug-related problems.

According to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), there are 436 drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state of Colorado who serve more than 36,000 people at a time. Unfortunately, more than 95 percent of these clients attend outpatient programs, which have been documented to not be as successful as inpatient facilities, and only 3 percent were enrolled in a long-term residential rehabilitation center.

Of the total number of programs participating in the survey, 35 percent were private non-profit, 58 percent were private for-profit, and the remainder were operated by some type of state or federal governmental agency.

When searching Colorado rehab centers, the key to finding the most success is typically going to be with a long-term program that is more than 90 days in length and that focuses on helping the individual restore personal responsibility with drug-free methods.