Colorado Malpractice Lawyers


Malpractice is generally defined as harm arising from a professional's misconduct. A person can also be accused of malpractice if they fail to use adequate levels of care, diligence or skills in the performance of the professional's duties.

Malpractice occurs when a professional fails to exercise their professional skills in an assignment that they have accepted at the standard of care, learning and skill. The comparison of the performance is based upon the standard of care given by other professionals in the same field.

For malpractice to be taken action on, loss, damage or injury should be suffered by the person who had retained the professional's services. Also, people who are entitled to benefit from, or rely on the professional's services can make malpractice actionable.

Any professional who provides service upon which people can not commit malpractice in theory. The profession has to be regulated and licensed by the state. Therefore, accountants, actuaries, chiropractors, doctors, dentists, psychologists, advocates and therapists can be named in a malpractice lawsuit. While in practice practice, those who confirm themselves as having special skills or abilities are held accountable in malpractice lawsuits.

There are ways of recovering damages from malpractice sustained. Malpractice generally depends on what the professional failed to do or did. Also, would another professional in the same field act in a similar manner ormission is another question to be asked during malpractice litigation.

Malpractice can either be legal or medical. Some of the malpractices lawsuits are for accidents stemming from auto accidents, wrongful death, motorboat accidents, Lasik injuries and amusement park ride accidents.


The Great Colorado Springs Outdoors!


If you do not already know, I live in Colorado Springs, CO. It's a great place to live. There are great parks, good schools, usually a good climate, although this winter would not have been your best example and lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation. We're a pretty good sized city, but with a fifteen minute drive from just about everywhere in town you can lose yourself in nature. Whatever you're going to one of our nationally recognized areas like Garden of the Gods, or just a drive into national or state parkland, it does not take long to get there.

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So, this past weekend, with the weather finally reflecting what it normally does, my family; that being myself, my wife, our six year old daughter and my one year old son loaded up our gas guzzling SUV to take a drive and have a picnic on some of this vast public land. This time we decided to go a little further, so it took us considerably longer, about 25 minutes of total drive time before we reached the end of paved roads and our temporary escape from civilization.

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What a beautiful day. It was clear skies and warm. There's been just enough moisture that the trees were green and the flowers were blooming. The road was just rough enough to flex the suspension on our vehicle and bounce the kids around like a roller coaster. So we drive into the woods for about forty-five minutes until we rarely see anyone besides the occasional motorcycle and well pull down a side road to what looks like a very nice camp site.
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This will be a great place to get out, have some lunch and let the kids run around.

Within two minutes of unloading everyone and our chairs and cooler I hear something off in the distance. Not distant enough I have to say. It's some yahoos shooting their guns. I do live in Colorado, the wild west you know. So, I'm pretty open to the idea of ​​guns.
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I even had my own with me. The problem is that I'm sure we were in an area that was clearly not designed for hunting or shooting.

So, as I'm trying to shake off the gunfire, I start to look around the ground. At this point my one year old is off and running. And although he's pretty good, he does face plant quite a bit. Anyhow.
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There's broken glass all over the ground. Not just one accidental and they missed a few pieces. There's multiple bottles worth. Hoping to find some ground space that's reasonably child friendly I walk over to the other side of the site.
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There I only find composite roofing shingles. I suppose he can not cut himself on those. I am wondering what they're doing there.

All right. I know it's a long story. But, what's my point? Come on.
It's not that hard to clean up after yourself. You bought a bottle with you. Bring it back and properly dispose of it. If you pack it in, you pack it out. I understand that we might not always tread as lightly as we could, but you can at least not leave your trash lying around.
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I wonder if those same jerks who left those broken bottles there ever went back to that spot? Probably not, they might cut themselves on the glass.


Dairy Queen: King-Soft Serve


Ice cream has been around and used for centuries, but the soft serve concept was not developed until 1938 Iowa-born McCullough, John Fremont and his son Alex. Together, they convinced each, Sherb Noble, to offer an innovative product in a store of ice cream in Kankakee, Illinois, a small town south of Chicago. On the first day of sales, each & # 39; first surprise, Noble concave with more than 1,600 servings of the new dessert for two hours. (It seems that it was a hit.) Knowing that they were something more, Noble and McCulloughs went to the opening of the first Dairy Queen store in two years in Joliet, Illinois, location. Noble at the helm (which is better), which opened for business on June 22, the perfect time for a long, hot summer. Although the original site was not in operation since the 1950s, the building still serves as a designated landmark, harkening back to a simpler time for boomers who pass by.

For decades, Dairy Queens were with & # 39 is a mandatory attribute of social life in small towns in the Midwest and South and 70s, up to date (competitors), most DQS added fast-food, including hot -dogi, burgers and fries, with a view to their new menu items as "brazier". While some stores are open only in the summer, most remain open all year round. After all, why consume frozen blows only seasonally without you live in North Dakota? The largest store is located in Bloomington, Illinois, the home state university, the Busiest honors go to Prince Edward Island, Canada (go figure). In 2014, Dairy Queen in the list of more than 6,400 stores in more than 25 countries (75% of whom are in the US). For decades, the old adage boasted every town Texas was DQ. Although no longer in the literal sense, as the exhausted small-town America, the greatest concentration is still in the Lone Star State.

All DQS now offers drink Orange Julius, a brand that they recognized in 1987, and many shops can be found in food courts and shopping malls around the country. DQ actually has two official fan club: Snowstorm and Orange Julius. Of Blizzard, fans, more than 4 million strong, to take their choice sur & # 39; ozna, with different ingredients and mix-ins available. DQ also offers special ice cream cakes, along with their traditional breeding for soft trees, cones dippings and fillings.

Across the country, many monobloc mom and pop-stands noticed and opened to the power of Remembrance Day for the local children, with showers to the stands, often calling them "frozen custard." Nobody cared that the name was meant vanilla and chocolate cream cones and cups, and sometimes a few picnic tables to linger on, and after dinner treat a few minutes walk from the house. Local children are looking forward to their short but sweet watch, which unfortunately closed after Labor Day. Simple names like Al & # 39; s, Bert & # 39; s or Tastee Treat started with & # 39; to appear on busy corners and children rode their bikes looking forward to what they can expect with a coin or a quarter hidden in his pocket. Rarely do these stands offer more than two basic flavors, but if one is lucky, there may be a taste of strawberries, and (oh boy). (Ed. & # 39; s note: it spot soft serve stand attributes Spearmint, which was from the top, especially with hot sweet)

Smaller competitors like Tastee-Freez and Fosters Freeze both started in California in 1950 and have less than 50 seats each, but continue to develop with the staff loyal customers.

So who on some soft serve? At any time, he gets to the point. If you do not have any stores near you, perhaps, frozen yogurt, but it will not be the same. Check out your local mall and you just might get lucky. And do not worry: my mother was wrong, it will not spoil your dinner.


Why Telluride, Colorado?


After living in Breckenridge for 18 years, my wife and I decided to move to Telluride. The main reason was that now we have a child and we wanted to move to a small safe town with a good school district and a kid-friendly atmosphere. Telluride was our first choice for many reason, however, the main reason was the excellent school district empowered by some of the happiest teachers we’ve ever encountered.

My daughter was born in 2008 and as new parents we started exploring the school system in Summit County and we were extremely disappointed by it’s offerings. The director of the gifted program at the time was a very good friend and she gave us an insight on what is happening to the school district in Summit County. My wife and I were shocked to learn that the Summit County school district was not up to par with other nearby school districts. Some of our friends with kids suggested that we have our daughter join a school in Vail, Colorado. Good idea, nevertheless, driving 80 miles round trip five days a week was a huge burden of which we could not fulfill without being out of our comfort zone. Thus, we started exploring Vail as a new home for our family, however, my wife was not happy with the fact that Vail is located directly on I-70 regardless of how great the town is. A very good friend who has moved to Telluride years earlier recommended that we rent a home in Telluride for few months and explore the possibility of us calling Telluride our new home so we did and never felt the need to leave the area since then.

The town of telluride is isolated and truly it is a town located at the end of the highway. Telluride locals have consistently demonstrated that they are some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. No wonder Telluride as named the friendliest ski town in North America. The first thing we noticed was the speed limit set to 15 miles per hour allowing families and kids to roam the town as if it was an extension of Town Park located at the eastern end of town. It was summer when we moved to Telluride and we were able to explore nearby towns, hiking trails, Ouray’s hot springs and we just fell in love with the town.

As winter approached, we decided to explore a ski school program for our daughter who was 4 years old at the time and had never skied before. We decided to have her join the Telluride Ski Squad program for her to have a fun outdoor activity at least twice a week though out the winter months. Time goes by and our kid is skiing every weekend and then one day we got an invitation to attend a ski birthday party for one of my daughter’s friends, therefore, my wife and I decided to get our ski gear out and join the fun by attending the party and lending a hand and keeping the kids safe on the slopes. We fell in love with Telluride Mountain that day, unlike Summit County and Vail ski resorts, we where shocked to see that there were no lift lines and the number of skiers on the mountain was about 10% of what we are used to. My wife an I stopped skiing in 2004 due to the unpleasant time spent waiting in lift lines and constantly trying to dodge thousands of skiers covering the ski slopes like a moving carpet of death where my wife and I sustained few injuries caused by skiers who like to go fast but don’t really know how to ski.

Skiing Telluride was a reminder of how Breckenridge used to be back in 1994 and we fell in love with the sport all over again. Telluride Ski Resort is unique and best suited for a family ski vacation when compared to any other ski resort in Colorado. It’s truly a hidden treasure tucked in the heart of Colorado’s south-western slopes offering incredible views and safe skiing for all.


Home Inspection Primer


Of course, no one is thrilled with yet another fee when buying a home. And a little bit of money spent on a home inspection can be the difference between a fad and crash. As a little knowledge can be dangerous, it seemed a good idea to give you an overview on the inspection of the house before closing the deal. Did you know that some of the municipalities actually have a licensing test?

While none of us were surprised to find some bureaucrats would wrap some politicians around the home inspection as Gudrun and TCAT were very surprised to find, the International Association of Certified home inspectors said that "As a rule, this government has taken exams terribly inferior InterNACHI online inspector examination ". However, this trade group is not of & # 39 is a solo bid. You are also the American Society of Interior inspectors. This is a fairly large business to have its own exhibition. This is called, appropriately enough, InspectionWorld.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of the topic, how many rules Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from state to state. For example: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas carry some insurance requirements for home inspectors, some states require errors and omissions insurance in addition to the injury or damages.

In other states, such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina , North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and do not have any insurance claims.

If you would like to learn more about home inspection, our sources are recommended Complete Book of the Inspectorate written by Norman Becker and published by McGraw-Hill. We noticed that the earlier version or use than current offerings in 2002 sold online for a huge USD value of the dollar, delivery and processing to be approximately $ 3,50 USD. Yes, of course, for less than five dollars, you can see that a certified home inspector looking and pre-check.

In the United States, it is almost impossible to get a mortgage on a house without inspection from a certified home inspector. A typical starting price for a review is about $ 500 US dollars. This is a real bargain when you consider the various ailments of your new dream home can really be hidden on the invisible. Just consider, for example, dry wood termites, and / or subterranean termites being invisible from time & # 39; eats at home. Suddenly your dream home can be hidden worst nightmare.

If you happen to be looking to buy in Europe, there are two separate types of inspections are available. Overview of a professional who does not carry errors and omissions insurance starts at around EUR800. A more thorough examination including structures with someone that has errors and omissions insurance on line Gudrun said, "you can put zero" at the end of this assessment.

Come on! It's dark, stuffy and hot inside the electronics box. Not only that, we can not hear you when you talk to us. Send us an email to tell us what topics you would like to hear.


Hiking in Colorado


Colorado covers most of the Southern Rocky Mountains, the northeastern part of the Colorado Plateau, and the edge of the Great Plains. This state, which is located in the western portion of the United States, is famous for its varied landscapes that consist of mountains, plateaus, deserts, rivers, plains, mesas, and many more. It's no wonder hiking is a favorite activity of tourists who visit this area. Below are some of the best nature trails to explore while you're visiting Colorado.

The Colorado Trail
The Colorado Trail is located at Kenosha Pass. It's a 500-mile stretch that goes through Denver to Durango. If you're a novice hiker, begin at the easy part of the trail located near Breckenridge. If possible, hike the trail where you will pass by the 10,000-foot Kenosha Pass. This nature trail will show you national forests, wilderness areas, grassy plains, and snowcapped mountains.

The Buttes Trail
This one is a reliably easy hike that extends to 1.5 mile. It is nestled in Pawnee Buttes and is known for awesome wildlife species, interesting avian variety, and vibrant blooms of wildflowers. Just watch out for coyotes lurking within the forests located along the trail.

The Emerald Lake Trail
Now, if you are looking for a mountain lake, you should definitely head to the Rocky Mountain National Park, where you will find the Emerald Lake Trail. The hike here goes from easy to moderate when you go from Nymph Lake to Dream Lake. The spectacular views that you'll see in these trails will wipe your exhaustion away.


Advantages of Managed Goose Hunt


Goose hunting & # 39 is the most challenging passion for hunting waterfowl. Geese are sensitive, which is quite difficult for hunters to make the perfect shot. If you plan to hunt, you need an experienced voice that guides you to your trip and make it more interesting, successful and secure. For this concern, you should consider service guided goose hunting.

No matter what part of the Midwest you are, whether you plan to hunt any of these destinations: Alaska, Argentina, Arkansas, California, Canada, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota and Texas. Then you do not need to worry about is guided goose hunt.

The advantage of the controlled goose hunting service:


Hunting has risks, and we can not ignore them. Even sometimes a trained hunter trap in an emergency situation, when his / her survival would be questionable. Thus, if you are going into the woods for the first time, you can not afford to ignore safety measures. Moreover, as a beginner you might not know the security measures, which should be considered while hunting in the wild. Your outfitters are trained professionals who keep you safe even in extreme conditions. They take advantage of technology and skill to keep you safe from the worst situations. They also know about the geography of the land, so that there is no risk stranded in an unknown place.


Hunting It is when you are on the hunt not only to feed the appetite; instead, most people are hunting for entertainment. Your hunting trip might bore you, and that you will be sorry that you decided to do this. However, most beginners feel the same sadness when they hunt without experienced supervision. Moreover, when they return with a zero murders, which makes the situation even worse. If you hunt under the supervision of outfitters, you can enjoy the wildlife and hunting in full bloom.


It is becoming more and more pathetic when you scout out all day and come back to an empty hand. Neverheless, that & # 39; s good as you begin to hunt. Fortunately, if you hire Outfitter for a trip, you can have the best results, and you'll never go back to an empty hand. This might be the best part of a controlled goose hunting.


In many ways, guided goose hunting with a & # 39 is a cost-effective than going all himself. Since outfitters provide many types of equipment and facilities, you do not need to spend money to buy them. However, the safety they offer can not be ignored, if you pay money.


Getting to Know Keystone Colorado


The small resort town of Keystone Colorado is about 85 miles West of Denver Colorado. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive to Keystone From the Denver International Airport. For someone who has never been to Keystone, it can be a confusing and tedious task of planning a vacation for the whole family to meet everyone’s needs. This guide is meant to be a primer on where to stay and what is available in the different areas of Keystone Resort Colorado. Keystone is not just a single area, but a ski resort that takes up an entire valley about 5 miles long. Situated within this long valley there are some defined neighborhoods within Keystone Colorado that each offer their own unique characteristics. These characteristics are what will ultimately make your vacation getaway to Keystone Colorado the best it can be.

River Run Village – River Run Village in Keystone Colorado is the heart of it all. The small and quaint village area was built in the early to mid 1990’s and serves as the central gathering point for skiers, shoppers and vacationers. The area is mostly condominiums with a first floor of retail space, housing fine restaurants, coffee shops, and outdoor clothing stores. The best part of River Run Village is the active atmosphere that keeps the village moving. Skiers love River Run because you can walk to the ski slopes at Keystone Resort within just a few minutes from anywhere in the village. Along they way, they can stop for a quick cup of coffee or tea to warm up for the day. Shoppers love River Run Village because of the plentiful opportunities to shop for ski gear, outdoor clothing, or gifts for family or friends. Families love River Run because of the kid-friendliness of the entire village. From play structures, to swimming pools, to mini golf, there is plenty of different thing to keep kids active and happy for days. At night during the ski season, River Run becomes alive with bands playing and bars and restaurants to enjoy an Alpres’ Ski singer and gather with close friends to talk about the day on the slopes. If you’re looking for a vacation where you’ll be close to everything, River Run Village is the place for you.

Mountain House – The Mountain House base area is not too far from River Run. In fact, it’s a quick and easy half mile walk from River Run. However, the atmosphere is quite different. This original base area of Keystone Ski Resort is slightly older, built mostly in the late 1970’s and features larger condominiums with amazing views, and walk-to-slopes convenience. The Mountain House base area is spacious and features a vast learning area and bunny hill for new skiers and riders. However, during the night the Mountain House base area winds down and comes to a close at an early hour. This area is for families perhaps with small kids who need to have the area quiet by 8pm. Close by, however, are plentiful restaurants and shops along US Hwy 6, so you still will be within just a few minutes walking distance to fine dining, and fun pubs in the evening.

Keystone Lakeside Village – Keystone’s Lakeside Village is one of the most unique areas in any ski resort area. While not home to any ski lifts as of yet, the Lakeside Village still holds its own with the abundant activities available any time of year. The Lakeside village is home to the Keystone Conference Center, which hosts hundreds of different conferences throughout the year and keeps the village bustling with people and fun. Keystone Lake, a 5 acre pond surrounded by restaurants, shops and condominiums, is central to the whole area. During the winter months, the entire lake is frozen and becomes North America’s largest outdoor ice skating rink. Best of all, this lake is maintained by a Zamboni, which smoothes the ice to a shiny flat surface for easy skating. Winter activities such as hockey, figure skating, and more are happening all the time at the Keystone Lakeside Village. The summer months yield a beautiful blue Lake that is the foreground to breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide to the East of Keystone Colorado. Huge planted boxes of Colorado wildflowers litter the area and it is truly a sight that comes right from the front of a postcard. Enjoy the summer days paddling a canoe, kayak, or paddle boat around the lake, or taking a stroll along the bike path that runs all the way through the valley. Access to skiing is easy with a constant stream of shuttles that run directly to the ski slopes. Not quite walk-to-slopes, but you’ll actually walk much less by taking a shuttle.

Keystone Ranch – Further down the Keystone Valley to the West is the Ranch. The Keystone Ranch is home to 2 world-class golf courses. Within the golf course is a community featuring high-end single family homes with million dollar views of the green golf course in the foreground and snowcapped peaks in the background. As for the fun….it’s up to nature back here nestled between the Keystone Valley and Swan Mountain. Plentiful hiking and biking trails are close by along with cross country ski trails and sledding during the winter months. Fine dining at the Keystone Ranch Restaurant is easily available. This is not a simple pub…this is world class food for sure!

Whether you’re planning your first trip to Keystone Colorado, or you have been to Keystone many times, there is truly something for everyone in your group. Based on the activities for each neighborhood, choose what you want to do and the area will simply fit right into your vacation plan. Take the time to get to Keystone Colorado today….the trip is worth it and you’ll have memories and stories for years to come.


Detroit River Tunnel Partnership


Detroit River Tunnel Partnership (DRTP) is ready to build a new, high-bandwidth rail tunnel under the river Detroit, to provide improved product between the United States and Canada. DRTP with 39 & # is equal partnership between Canadian Pacific Railway (PRC) and Borealis Trust infrastructure.

Canadian Pacific Railway – is a critical component of the US / Canada Transport Network

Canada and the United States have a large bilateral trade relationship in the world. In 2005, the value of the transaction amounted to more than $ 580 billion. The economy of the United States and Canada inexcitably linked and the Canadian Pacific Railway is crucial to the success of this relationship.

CPR owns more than 13,800 miles of the railway.

In the United States, a CPR network covers industrial US city of Chicago, Illinois; Newark, New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; New York, New York; Detroit, MI; and Buffalo, NY. Thus, the network of Railways of China can serve the entire Midwestern United States, stretching from New York to North Dakota.

CPR corridor running between Montreal, Detroit and Chicago & # 39 is particularly important. It connects the core that produces and consumes the Midwest markets of the United States, Ontario, Quebec, and Western Europe.

CPR with & # 39 is one of the safest Class 1 missiles in North America. In 2004, the CPR has earned $ 3.7 billion freight income – 10% of these revenues coming from the United States. In addition, CPR has more than 15,600 employees – including nearly 1,600 employees in the US

Canadian Pacific Railway – is a critical component of the US / Canada Transport Network

Explains the US, the two maps below show the number of CPR network across the US and Canada, and the tonnage of these tracks are.

Canadian Pacific Railway – an important economic transport arteries
in the north-east and Midwest

The main railroad line Canadian Pacific Railroad to enter the United States at the Canadian border in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, and two locations in New York. Network backbone CPR tracks and rights-managed stretching, smiling, as North Dakota, across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York. This region is about 82 million Americans, or 28.6% of the US population, who live and work in this strategically important railway corridor. And equal to or greater than the percentage of the Canadian population is served as well.
PPC also has a large intermodal terminals in Chicago and Toronto, serving Chicago / Montreal corridor. Both on & # 39 objects can be extended.

That the Canadian Pacific Railway Service Tools These

Northeast and Midwest States

In Midwestern states served by CPR jobs gain network. Millions of jobs easily on this railway system. Here is a breakdown of jobs in the region:

These states use more than 34 million Americans. And, nearly five million manufacturing jobs remain in these ten states. These jobs are dependent on raw materials, automotive parts, and other components made in the CPR tracks.

Canadian Pacific Railway has a strong economic presence in the Midwest states

The operating of the railway, a CPR spends millions of dollars a year in your business, promoting the development of their economies through the Midwest. In 2005, China spent nearly $ 800 million in the six states alone.

Canadian Pacific Railway is equally important to Ontario's economy and throughout Canada

Ontario Leads Population

As mentioned earlier, the United States, Canada and # 39; largest trading partner. And Ontario's economic engine of Canada. Detroit Gateway, Michigan / Windsor, Ontario with a & # 39 is the busiest in the world abroad.

This one province contributes more than 40 per cent of Canada and # 39; s total employment. 12,541,000 Ontario residents making it the most populous province in Canada.

Ontario is close to millions of consumers

Ontario is well positioned to help service of Canada in the US market. More than 135 million Americans during the day and # 39; s drive southern Ontario. These residents of the United States account for 44 percent of the US population and 48 percent of the total US personal income.

In addition, in the southeastern province of Ontario with the & # 39 is the gateway to the United States through the Detroit / Windsor crossing. More than 450 thousand railway wagons, and more than 3.5 million trucks used this crossing annually. From there, trains and trucks have easy access to the rest of the United States.

It is obvious that the system track with CPR & # 39 is a key element in the delivery of products for the maintenance of the millions of Americans who work in the Midwest. And it is also clear that this system is compromised restrictions on the 100-year-old tunnel in Detroit, which is not suitable for the new generation of cars that come on the line.


Discount Lift Tickets – Learn What Colorado Ski Resorts Do Not Want You To Know!


How to get Discount lift tickets for Keystone Colorado, Breckenridge Colorado, Arapahoe Basin Colorado, Loveland Ski Area Colorado, Copper Mountain Colorado, Winter Park Colorado, Vail Colorado, Beaver Creek Colorado

Updated for the 2005-2006 ski season.

Discount Lift Tickets in Colorado- All Colorado ski resorts make it difficult for anyone coming from out of state to get a great deal on lift tickets. Don’t expect to get a great deal anywhere if you didn’t start looking in late September or early October. As your Keystone Lodging provider, we can help, but WE DO NOT SELL LIFT TICKETS.

The most expensive way to ski is to buy your lift tickets at the ticket window without any coupons. The following information will help you find the best deal around no matter what time of year.

Colorado Ski Season Passes

If you are in Colorado in April, September or October, you can look into buying a season pass for Keystone, Breckenridge, and A-Basin. Both Loveland and Copper Mountain sometimes sell season passes into November. If you plan on skiing 5 or more days, a season pass to one of the areas ski resorts will more than pay for itself and is the cheapest way to go…even though you won’t get to use it for the entire season.

:: Keystone :: Breckenridge :: A-Basin :: Vail :: Beaver Creek ::

Season passes are sold along the front range at places like Gart Sports, REI, and Christy Sports. Season passes for Keystone, Breckenridge and A-Basin usually cost around $329. A 2nd option is to pay slightly more and get 10 days at Vail or Beaver Creek added to that same pass. You MUST buy these in person, and you typically have to use it at least once before the holiday season, or it will become invalid for the rest of the year. These passes do have blackout dates during the holidays and during Presidents Day weekend usually, so make sure you read the fine print before purchasing these ski passes. If you’re planning an early season trip (Before December 20th) AND a later prime ski season trip (January – April), this is by far the least expensive way to go. Best of all, once you get a pass that you have to buy in person, you can renew it over the web year after year.

:: Arapahoe Basin Only ::

This year, Arapahoe Basin is offering a season pass of their own. For the 2005-2006 ski season, these are only $239. This allows unlimited skiing at Arapahoe Basin, but also allows you to ski at Keystone or Breckenridge for 5 days. One of the 5 days can be used at either Vail or Beaver Creek. This is an awesome deal if you’re coming out for a short trip of 5 days or more. Best of all, you can buy these over the phone and just pick them up at the base area of Arapahoe Basin. As always, get in on this deal EARLY. Passes are usually sold in September and October only. Check out the Arapahoe Basin Website for full details.

:: Copper Mountain :: Winter Park :: Mary Jane ::

Copper Mountain is offering season passes for the 2005-2006 ski season for only $279. You can buy these without being present, but you must submit a photo of yourself so they can print your pass. Add a few more dollars and you can ski Winter Park and Mary Jane too. However, Winter Park is a solid 1 hour drive from Summit County. Still, the skiing at Mary Jane is legendary and you won’t be disappointed with your day excursion to the snowpack in the Fraser Valley of Colorado.

:: Loveland Ski Area ::

Lesser known by people from out-of state, Loveland is a very inexpensive option. You’ll see Loveland Ski area on your way into Summit County on the East Portal of the Eisenhower Tunnel. The closest ski lodging to Loveland is in Keystone….only 15 miles away. Loveland offers season passes for $253. Being an independent ski resort, you can only ski at Loveland. Loveland is one of the highest ski resorts on North America and they are usually the first to open the ski season in North America in October. Check the webste for details. They have an outstanding variety of terrain and there are little or no crowds at any given time.

++++++++++++ Warning ++++++++++++

Do not EVER try to use a 4 pack or season pass that is not yours. There are extremely stiff penalties including large fines and possible jail time if you are caught. The lift operators WILL catch you. A free lift ride is simply not worth the consequences.

++++++++++++ Warning ++++++++++++

Colorado Ski Resort “Four Packs”

Another money-saving tip is to buy what is called a “4 pack” for your ski resort of choice. A “4 pack” is 4 days of skiing for any 1 person. Typically the ski resorts sell these early in the season, but have also been known to sell them again in late March or in April. Buying late in the season is ideal…unknown to many, April is usually the snowiest month in Colorado!

:: Keystone :: Breckenridge ::

For the Keystone and Breckenridge 4 packs, you must buy them in person and they are not transferrable. In previous years they have been transferrable until people started selling them for a profit on eBay. $ packs usually run about $99 and are bought in the same fashion that a Season Pass is bought. The 4 packs do have blackout dates, so read the fine print carefully.

:: Copper Mountain :: Winter Park :: Mary Jane ::

Copper Mountain offers 4 packs for only $69 and ARE transferrable. This deal usually is around for about a week and may have already passed. If so, you’re still in luck…both Copper Mountain and Winter Park offer 4 packs for $120, which is still only $30 per day. This offer expires on Dec 9th 2005, so jump on this quickly if you want to get in on the deal! There are usually rules and restrictions as to the dates you can use the 4 pack, so check the fine print carefully.

:: Loveland Ski Area ::

Loveland also offers a 4 pack as well for the 2005-2006 ski season. The 4 packs run only $99 but are only available through November 21st 2005. There are no blackout dates on these 4 packs and can be used anytime during the 2005-2006 ski season at Loveland.

:: Aspen :: Snowmass ::

Okay, so these 2 resorts aren’t really all that close to Summit County, but if you want to see what celebrities do during the winter in Colorado…try Aspen or Snowmass for a day. Cheap passes are available, but you have to get them in person. They are available up until November 20th, 2005 at select locations around the Colorado Front Range.

Other ways to get Discount Lift Tickets

Are you a member of the armed forces? Keystone has a special setup with any active duty military, Reservists, National Guard and dependents. Rocky Mountain Blue offers a Freedom Pass for only $129. This pass is good for unlimited skiing at Keystone or Arapahoe Basin. It can be purchased at military bases in colorado including Buckley AFB, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, F.E. Warren AFB, Fort Carson and the Air force Academy. You can purchase this anytime during the 2005-2006 ski season and it is good through closing day at Keystone. THIS IS THE BEST LIFT TICKET DEAL IN COLORADO.

Keystone Lift Tickets Sign up for a free Colorado Gem Card. These cards will give you discounts at other ski areas that are further away. The closest resort that accepts this card is Loveland Ski area, which is about 15 miles away right at the Eisenhower Tunnel on the Continental Divide.

Keystone Lift Tickets Know someone with a season pass? Season Pass holders usually can buy a lift ticket for you for a deeply discounted price of $29-$59. The number of times they can do this is limited.

Keystone Lift Tickets Don’t forget eBay! Many times people will buy a package deal and not be able to use it. Sometimes it’s a 4 pack, sometimes it’s someone who has an inside track to the resort and is trying to make some money on the side. Either way, MAKE SURE you check the lift tickets carefully to make sure you know what you’re getting. Search around and see what you can find!

Keystone Lift Tickets Buy an Entertainment book for the Denver area. These books are PACKED with ski coupons. We typically buy these books and keep them available for our guests to use. The coupons are for slightly discounted lift tickets. ($5 – $10 off ticket window prices) There are also coupons for ski school.

Keystone Lift Tickets Buy your tickets on the front range in or around Denver. Go to any Safeway or King Soopers grocery stores, or ski and snowboard rental shop. They sell disount lift tickets for most ski areas.

Keystone Lift Tickets As your Keystone Lodging provider, just ask us and we’ll do what we can to get you the right information you need or point you in the right direction to save you the most money given the time period of your visit. We typically keep a packet of coupons just for our guests use. When booking, please email or call us with your requests and we will mail coupons to you before you arrive. Coupons are first come first serve. These coupons usually come from Entertainment Books, and wherever else we can find them. We do not sell lift tickets.

BE CAREFUL – Some other lodging providers will entice you with a “package deal” saying that they will give you discounted lift tickets after your reserve your lodging…only to suddenly “run out” of the lift tickets after they have your money.