Preparing to RV Travel – 7 keys to a successful trip


Over time, I developed seven keys for pre-treatment for RV travel, to minimize the challenges and maximize the fun!

Key 1: Important documents to have on hand If hard copy and / or electronic form, a copy of driver's licenses, passports, wills, medical directives, health insurance cards, and any other important legal documents such as vehicle insurance and household records are important. If you are in North Dakota, my friends, for example, and they talk to you about this fabulous scenery in Canada, they would like to see, but if you have a valid passport and driver & # 39; the license will be it is still possible. If you somehow lose the driver & # 39; s license for 1 day of your trip, and you've gone 700 miles, with a copy of the document you have any evidence to show the officer if stopped for some reason.

Key 2: Preparation of the car – RV and tow vehicle , Make sure that the inspection and licensing with the & # 39 are current. This means that the reminder in the calendar in advance to ensure that any problems can be resolved before the trip. If motorized, PB does have all the usual service – oil, tires, generator, etc. on an ongoing basis? Do you have a towing vehicle the same content in order? Do you have your car towed insurance should you need?

Key 3: Prescription Medicine and Narcotics , Do you have extra week & # 39; s power, at least not in the conventional drugs for people traveling together? While Wal-Mart & # 39; s regularly available if you are in the depths of the forest and of an emergency, are you ready? It's also a good idea to have a snake bite kit with you as well.

Key 4: Climate – Weather & # 39; e Within a few days of travel, you start to look at the conditions outside & # 39; I'm in the areas you can go? This is important not only in winter, but in spring and summer that tornadoes and storms in some parts of the country. If you have heard on the road, if everyone knows what to do? Do you have batteries in the radio if all digital resources outside the home? You may not ever need it, but once you do, you will be so glad that you have taken care of this problem.

Key 5: Clothing It might be a problem if the space is very limited. However, making sure that any rain gear, long pants and jacket are available can make a sudden hike in the beautiful surroundings much more enjoyable if you are prepared to unusual conditions.

Key 6: Food , Annex to the usual supplies take energy / snacks, drinks and a lot of water with you. It is important for you and all the pets you bring with you. Hydration is very important for health and for overall comfort. Make sure that all the products for the grill are in a safe place, and that you have containers with lids to prevent a raccoon, skunk, etc. from the selection of your products.

Key 7: Relax Although it may be necessary to take some work with him on a trip, to minimize the time spent on the road. Part of the beauty of this type of travel, to clean one & # 39; s mind and body of incredible stress, we are constantly under. Practice takes three to five deep breaths several times during each day. Give yourself permission to enjoy every moment of the day and evening.

Finally, I would like to share a recent travel experiences with you to illustrate the importance of the key listed above. In recent years, we are willing to travel for about one month in our RV, with 3 particular sensitive time appointment is scheduled. About three weeks before our from the & # 39; Congress, a few questions, the house came to the fore. One day we went out to the garage and found water on the field. It seemed that one of the drains for water heaters clog (Sunday, of course). Fortunately, my husband is an engineer, so after a few trips to Home Depot, he was able to change the route of the pipeline, to take care of the problem.

Next week, we discovered that one of our failed home air conditioning units, so we called for service. After a day of troubleshooting the final replacement block consensus. However, the firm was unable to meet our deadline. This was supposed to be completed by the date of our departure. The next morning, I received a call from a repairman & # 39; s boss, apologizing profusely because the representative lost the clip board, with all our credit card information on it. Of course, this means that we had to cancel the card and make sure that we could get one more to our on & # 39; Congress. We found another company that can meet our needs in the next week.

On Monday morning, to our departure on Thursday, I had a client call and my husband Michael came to tell me that he takes our Irish wolf hound, I saw 15 minutes earlier, and it was great at the time, to the vet – blood running all over the house. So when he came back, we had a dog with a leg band and more supplies vet to pack for a trip, not to mention several floors and carpets clean.

Three days before our from the & # 39; Congress, Michael checked and aired on all tires on the bus. The next morning he went out and one of the tires was flat as a pancake. This meant communication industrial pest to be able to lift the unit and see if the tire can be repaired. It was twice the problem. It is obvious that we could not travel with a flat tire, and the coach had to be moved so that the new air conditioning unit can be mounted on the side of the house where you parked the coach. Fortunately, we were able to get this problem resolved within a few hours.

We have taken steps to have the coach and waxing washed two days before our from the & # 39; Congress. We called that morning that the gentleman was ill and could not be there, but was told that he would be there the next morning. At the same time, air conditioners people cut the wrong wire, so we did not have the air on our side of the house until they came back to fix it.

Late the next morning, the coach began washing and 4:30 pm, we had soaking rain storm that was not ever predict. Thus, washing the military will have to return the next morning to finish – it was our day of & # 39; Congress. We were scheduled to leave in the afternoon – we were all ready to go, but the coach was not. Until 01:00 O & # 39; hours on the day he finished, and we began the process of connecting the car – but the keys to unlock the locks do not work. Finally, at 1:30, we are additional key and were set to travel.

Fortunately, we started planning this trip much earlier than usual, and there was a lot of detail, designed in advance. We have an invitation from friends to take ten days to travel in Canada and, while we gave up, we have all the necessary documents when we needed them. I got sick on the trip, was a doctor & # 39; s visit and medicine, so the presence of all my insurance information to simplify this process. On the way home one morning, Michael could not find its driver & # 39; s license, and a few hours later I found him in the bedroom. We had a copy with us if we could not find the original.

Most of us learn to bend and roll with the punches over time. However, I will say that expecting the unexpected and 7 keys practitioner has done an excellent difference in the pleasure we got from the trip. Try them for your next adventure on the road; have a safe and fun trip!