North Dakota record of death


In the state of North Dakota, on the records of death data was found back in 1893, however, a nationwide collection of death records began in the year 1920. The records department of civil status in the North Dakota Department of Health is responsible for collecting and maintaining records of the death of the state.

To obtain a certified death record, you need to determine a & # 39 is he or she has the right to make a request for such a certificate. You have the right, if you are a & # 39; is an immediate family member & # 39; and banned or legal representative of the family & # 39; and supporting documents. If you are not considered eligible for a certified copy of the death certificate, you can request an information copy of the certificate. This copy may not be used as a legal document, not a real document.

The required information (name, gender, date of birth, age, when a person died, the date of death, the county or city where the death took place, is your attitude to the departed, and the purpose of obtaining a certified copy of the death certificate) must be ensured. At the request of your recent photo identification, accurate payment for a death certificate, mailing address, telephone number and signature.

The fee for each copy of the death certificate is $ 5.00 for the first copy and $ 2.00 for an additional copy of the certificate. Money order or personal check must be made out in the North Dakota Department of Health. Find any death certificate online quickly and easily on the Internet.