How To Become A Commercial Driver in Colorado?


As the economy has started to recover, trucking is one of the industries that are expected to grow the most, and it's projected that employment of truck drivers will increase by 21 percent by 2020. Truck drivers are in high demand across the whole country right now , and Colorado is no exception. However, although job prospects for truck drivers are pretty favorable, there is a shortage of people interested in this job, mostly because it's a very difficult job and because of the complicated and expensive procedure for obtaining a commercial driver's license. But, the fact that it is a job that pays quite well makes it pretty attractive to a lot of people.

In the US, there are over 3.5 million truck drivers, and about 21,150 of them are employed in Colorado, according to data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and most of them are owner operators. The most popular trucking companies in Colorado include Western Freightways and Estensen Logistics. As in most other states, Colorado truck drivers are paid very well. The average truck driving salary in Colorado, as of August 2012, is $ 48,000, according to, which is a couple of thousands of dollars less than the national average, but is still a pretty good salary by any standards.

Depending on your experience, you may earn up to $ 1,500 a week, if you choose to work as a truck driver in Colorado. Your salary also depends on how many miles you are prepared to drive in the course of one week. The average US truck driver travels about 2,500 miles per week.

You can choose to apply for one of three types of commercial driver's license, depending on the weight and type of commercial vehicle you want to operate.

There is the Class A license, which you need to obtain in order to be able to drive any combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 or more pounds provided the GVWR of the vehicle (s) being geared is in excess of 10,000 pounds.

The Class B license is for any single vehicle with a of 26,001 pounds or more, or any such vehicle towing a vehicle not in excess of 10,000 pounds.

The Class C license is designated for any single vehicle, or combination of vehicles, that does not meet the definition of Class A or Class B, but is either designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver, or is placarded for hazardous materials . Once you are all set with your CDL , you can start driving trucks and make a career out of it.


Outdated laws and filial Support


Can you legally responsible for paying for the care of older father? Under what is called filial laws support, you certainly can in thirty states.

Imagine that you pick up your mail one day and start cutting through it. Junk mail, bills … and then you come up with something suspiciously like a letter from a law firm. You open it up and find out what you need to pay $ 30,000 in nursing home bills for your mom, or they are at home will sue you. It's about a shocking pieces of mail

Could this actually happen? In 30 states, it could definitely happen, and does all the time. The laws are very old. They originated in England, where State aid has been limited. Seven & # 39; and had to rally and raise the cost of caring for family members & # 39; and. State aid was available, but it is only for the elders, who had something & # 39; and.

If the United States was settled, most of the legal provisions adopted in the country was based on English law. It was, after all, that people are new. Laws Support Branch was part of the body of laws and thus adapt. Although 30 states have these laws, each state has a slightly different version. In some states, only the children of the person responsible for providing assistance while other states to expand the requirement to include a grandson! In California, it is an offense not to comply with the law! In other states, family members & # 39; and may sue the other family members & # 39; and, to make them move in on the cost of medical care.

At this point, you are probably very interested in the fact that the list of states that have such laws. In alphabetical order, they are Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota , Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

Interestingly, these laws were dormant for a very long time. Once they have recently attracted attention, oddly enough, the older of the & # 39 lodging facilities, such as nursing homes. These tools use the law to try to get family members & # 39; and to pay the bill, or at least to get motivated to help convince the Medicare, to cover the bills.

You might think that this is one of those things that sounds ugly, but it happens rarely. In fact, this is happening more and more as the baby boomer generation continues to reach their golden years. With a massive loss in value of retirement accounts due to the current economic challenges, we can suspect that is only going to get worse.


Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers – New Colorado Insurance Law Punishes Unreasonable Delay and Denial


Colorado's New Law Regulation Insurance Companies for Unreasonable Delay and Denial-Effective August 6, 2008

The new law provides Colorado citizens the power to make sure insurance companies pay claims in a reasonable and timely manner.

What is this new law? House Bill 08-1407. The objective of the law is to put a stop to unreasonable denials or delays by insurance companies. The law increases the penalties on insurance companies for their unreasonable conduct with respect to claims.

"A first-party claimant who claim for payment of benefits has been unreasonably delayed or denied may bring an action in a district court to recover reasonable attorney fees and court costs, and two times the covered benefit."

Who benefits from the new law? Colorado citizens claiming insurance benefits from their own insurance company. Injured people in Colorado have been powerless to bring large claims against insurance companies because attorneys' fees could eat up much of their settlement money. The new law provides Colorado citizens the power to make sure insurance companies pay claims in a reasonable and timely manner by requiring unreasonable insurance companies to pay the owed benefits, double damages, and attorneys' fees.

For example, let's say your claim has damages of $ 30,000 and the insurance company unreasonably delayed or denied the claim. Under the new law you could receive double the $ 30,000 plus attorneys' fees (let's say $ 10,000). Therefore the insurer would have to pay you $ 70,000 ($ 10,000 of which would pay your attorneys' fees) for their violation of the new law.

"A person engaged in the business of insurance shall not unreasonably delay or deny payment of a claim for benefits owed to or on behalf of any first-party claimant."

What type of provider can be penalized by this new law? The law applies to health insurers, disability insurers, auto insurers and almost any other kind of insurance. The law does not apply to workers' compensation insurance, life insurance and title insurance. If you believe that workers' compensation, life insurance, and / or title insurance has unreasonably denied your claim you can not use this new law, however, you may be able to use other laws to help you seek benefits.

When does the new law go into effect? The new law goes into effect on August 6, 2008. However, the language of the law is not clear as to how that date practice plays out. It is unclear whether the law applies only to claims after August 6, 2008 or if it applies to claims that have been pending for the past year or two.

If you'd like to view this Bill:

  1. go to Colorado General Assembly website
  2. Follow the "Bill Digest" link
  3. Go to 2008 Bill Digests
  4. The "Digest of Bills – 2008" is categorized; Follow the "Insurance" link


CPA Exam Application Process: CPA Exam Requirements and Provisionary Periods


Candidates interested in becoming a CPA (certified public accountant) must meet certain requirements in the field of education, experience and knowledge in order to pass the CPA exam and become a licensed CPA. But not all states have the same requirements. Read on to learn more about the general CPA exam application process and find out what provisionary periods.

While each of the 55 states or jurisdictions has its own set of fees and CPA exam requirements for education, place of residence and age, most state CPA license requirements consist of a US bachelor and # 39; s degree with a concentration in accounting (but not necessarily an extent), plus an additional year of training (which may be either an undergraduate or graduate); minimum age; . And residency in the country they are applying to become a CPA in the (Do not forget to check the status & # 39; s requirement of the CPA exam for more information.)

The requirement for five years of full-time equivalent study is known as the "150 hours rule" and was made by Major State Council. However, there are several states that allow students to sit on the CPA exam before they graduate – is a variant of «provisionary period" is perfect for candidates who do not take their extra 30 units in accounting courses and would like their accounting knowledge to be as fresh as possible in their minds.

• Michigan allows candidates to sit for the exam 30 days before graduation.
• Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, and Colorado allow candidates in place for the exam 60 days before graduation.
• South Dakota allows candidates to sit for the exam 100 days before graduation.
• Maine, Iowa, Minnesota, and will allow candidates to be placed on the exam 120 days before graduation.
• Washington and North Dakota allow candidates to sit for the exam 180 days before graduation.
• Tennessee allows candidates to sit for the CPA exam 200 days before graduation.
• New York allows candidates to sit for the exam at any time before the end. By the time they completed 120 credit hours Bachelor & # 39; s degree is required.

CPA candidates should always check with their State Council on accounting requirements for becoming a CPA. If your condition does not allow to sit for the exam early (or, if they do, but you and # 39; re feeling a bit rusty), the best way to prepare for the exam by taking the CPA exam review course. Get started today to study and to Asya that exam!


Lamar – Hometown Colorado a Tourist’s Delight


Have you ever wondered what to do for Vacation? If you live in the Midwest, or Colorado, to be more precise, I have a suggestion… Visit the southeastern corner of Colorado and all the wonderful tourist sites around Lamar, Colorado.

Lamar, Colorado is hometown to some famous people. A few of them you might recognize, like Scott Elarton currently of the Kansas City Royals? Writer Gary Penley put Lamar on the map with his book “Rivers of Wind” and N.T. Betz wrote “The Fleagle Gang: Betrayed by a Fingerprint” a newspaper reporters collaborative report of a notorious crime spree including the 1928 robbery of the First National Bank that changed the face of Lamar forever. And me, Jan Verhoeff, an article marketer and writer who spends her time promoting new businesses and tourist trades in the southeastern corner of Colorado.

Lamar, Colorado is a stop over for famous people. Zebulon Pike chose the Willow Creek Valley for an encampment while his men weathered a bitter winter and prepared for their long jaunt westward to the place where he saw Pike’s Peak. Although he never actually climbed the peak, it bears his name in remembrance. Oprah Winfrey stopped over just long enough to label local cowboys as racist rednecks, refer to those of us who live here as renegades living in the “armpit of America,” and further endear herself to us by implicating that we are all gun toting criminals. A host of Country Music Stars have visited the prairie town and left their mark on the population with two wonderful country radio stations.

Lamar, Colorado is home of the Big Timbers Museum. Recently renovated, the Big Timbers Museum houses a large collection of memorabilia for the area, military showcases including one of only 13 Revolutionary Flags, and such nifty specialties as a huge ball of twine, an early permanent wave machine (yikes), and tributes to the American Pioneers.

Lamar, Colorado is a Historic Community on the Arkansas River. Home of a stolen Rail Road Depot, Lamar claims more than an average share of historic structures and plenty of stories to tell. This community sports a cozy Arts Center, Enchanted Forest (amazing on the dryland prairies), and the best known baseball diamonds and golf course this side of Texas.

If you’re looking for tourist-y things to occupy your time, visit our community and join any of the summer celebrations happening during your visit. It’s a high time on the prairie tonight, the barn dance will be rockin’!


Preparing to RV Travel – 7 keys to a successful trip


Over time, I developed seven keys for pre-treatment for RV travel, to minimize the challenges and maximize the fun!

Key 1: Important documents to have on hand If hard copy and / or electronic form, a copy of driver's licenses, passports, wills, medical directives, health insurance cards, and any other important legal documents such as vehicle insurance and household records are important. If you are in North Dakota, my friends, for example, and they talk to you about this fabulous scenery in Canada, they would like to see, but if you have a valid passport and driver & # 39; the license will be it is still possible. If you somehow lose the driver & # 39; s license for 1 day of your trip, and you've gone 700 miles, with a copy of the document you have any evidence to show the officer if stopped for some reason.

Key 2: Preparation of the car – RV and tow vehicle , Make sure that the inspection and licensing with the & # 39 are current. This means that the reminder in the calendar in advance to ensure that any problems can be resolved before the trip. If motorized, PB does have all the usual service – oil, tires, generator, etc. on an ongoing basis? Do you have a towing vehicle the same content in order? Do you have your car towed insurance should you need?

Key 3: Prescription Medicine and Narcotics , Do you have extra week & # 39; s power, at least not in the conventional drugs for people traveling together? While Wal-Mart & # 39; s regularly available if you are in the depths of the forest and of an emergency, are you ready? It's also a good idea to have a snake bite kit with you as well.

Key 4: Climate – Weather & # 39; e Within a few days of travel, you start to look at the conditions outside & # 39; I'm in the areas you can go? This is important not only in winter, but in spring and summer that tornadoes and storms in some parts of the country. If you have heard on the road, if everyone knows what to do? Do you have batteries in the radio if all digital resources outside the home? You may not ever need it, but once you do, you will be so glad that you have taken care of this problem.

Key 5: Clothing It might be a problem if the space is very limited. However, making sure that any rain gear, long pants and jacket are available can make a sudden hike in the beautiful surroundings much more enjoyable if you are prepared to unusual conditions.

Key 6: Food , Annex to the usual supplies take energy / snacks, drinks and a lot of water with you. It is important for you and all the pets you bring with you. Hydration is very important for health and for overall comfort. Make sure that all the products for the grill are in a safe place, and that you have containers with lids to prevent a raccoon, skunk, etc. from the selection of your products.

Key 7: Relax Although it may be necessary to take some work with him on a trip, to minimize the time spent on the road. Part of the beauty of this type of travel, to clean one & # 39; s mind and body of incredible stress, we are constantly under. Practice takes three to five deep breaths several times during each day. Give yourself permission to enjoy every moment of the day and evening.

Finally, I would like to share a recent travel experiences with you to illustrate the importance of the key listed above. In recent years, we are willing to travel for about one month in our RV, with 3 particular sensitive time appointment is scheduled. About three weeks before our from the & # 39; Congress, a few questions, the house came to the fore. One day we went out to the garage and found water on the field. It seemed that one of the drains for water heaters clog (Sunday, of course). Fortunately, my husband is an engineer, so after a few trips to Home Depot, he was able to change the route of the pipeline, to take care of the problem.

Next week, we discovered that one of our failed home air conditioning units, so we called for service. After a day of troubleshooting the final replacement block consensus. However, the firm was unable to meet our deadline. This was supposed to be completed by the date of our departure. The next morning, I received a call from a repairman & # 39; s boss, apologizing profusely because the representative lost the clip board, with all our credit card information on it. Of course, this means that we had to cancel the card and make sure that we could get one more to our on & # 39; Congress. We found another company that can meet our needs in the next week.

On Monday morning, to our departure on Thursday, I had a client call and my husband Michael came to tell me that he takes our Irish wolf hound, I saw 15 minutes earlier, and it was great at the time, to the vet – blood running all over the house. So when he came back, we had a dog with a leg band and more supplies vet to pack for a trip, not to mention several floors and carpets clean.

Three days before our from the & # 39; Congress, Michael checked and aired on all tires on the bus. The next morning he went out and one of the tires was flat as a pancake. This meant communication industrial pest to be able to lift the unit and see if the tire can be repaired. It was twice the problem. It is obvious that we could not travel with a flat tire, and the coach had to be moved so that the new air conditioning unit can be mounted on the side of the house where you parked the coach. Fortunately, we were able to get this problem resolved within a few hours.

We have taken steps to have the coach and waxing washed two days before our from the & # 39; Congress. We called that morning that the gentleman was ill and could not be there, but was told that he would be there the next morning. At the same time, air conditioners people cut the wrong wire, so we did not have the air on our side of the house until they came back to fix it.

Late the next morning, the coach began washing and 4:30 pm, we had soaking rain storm that was not ever predict. Thus, washing the military will have to return the next morning to finish – it was our day of & # 39; Congress. We were scheduled to leave in the afternoon – we were all ready to go, but the coach was not. Until 01:00 O & # 39; hours on the day he finished, and we began the process of connecting the car – but the keys to unlock the locks do not work. Finally, at 1:30, we are additional key and were set to travel.

Fortunately, we started planning this trip much earlier than usual, and there was a lot of detail, designed in advance. We have an invitation from friends to take ten days to travel in Canada and, while we gave up, we have all the necessary documents when we needed them. I got sick on the trip, was a doctor & # 39; s visit and medicine, so the presence of all my insurance information to simplify this process. On the way home one morning, Michael could not find its driver & # 39; s license, and a few hours later I found him in the bedroom. We had a copy with us if we could not find the original.

Most of us learn to bend and roll with the punches over time. However, I will say that expecting the unexpected and 7 keys practitioner has done an excellent difference in the pleasure we got from the trip. Try them for your next adventure on the road; have a safe and fun trip!


Colorado State Taxes – Overviewing The Taxes!


The income tax in the state of Colorado is fixed at a particular level of 4.63% of the whole federal income no matter what the level of your income is. The date for the last day of tax payment is the fifteenth of April. If it does fall on a weekend or a holiday, the last day would be the next working day. Sometimes the day may fall anytime within the following week after the fifteenth. Many a times an additional day is given for completing the state returns and also filing them. The Colorado state taxes may also be filed online. It is called Net File. It can be done by the TeleFile system which is done through a touch phone. During the season of tax payment, these two options are provided at all times of the day. Most of the people of Colorado use either one of these methods for sure.

Another tax of the Colorado state is the sale tax that we usually go on with everyday. For all retail sales the sale tax is 2.9% in Colorado. Some of the cities or countries may have an additional rate to this base rate. The common district taxes which are special are:

1. Cultural facilities district (CD)
2. local improvement district (LID) within the boulder countries or parts of southeastern Jefferson
3. football stadium district (FTBL or FD) to help in building the Denver broncos stadium
4. Regional transport district (RTD) for countries like Denver, boulder, Jefferson, portions of Arapahoe, Adams, Douglas, Broomfield.
5. Regional transport district (RTA) taxes in Carbondale, basalt, Gunnison county and Glenwood springs.

You can check on the rates for the different cities or counties through the online rate finder connected to the revenue department.

Personal business properties of people in Colorado are taxed. Furniture, computer, equipment, furniture, shelving and other different items may help us indirectly or directly to get us income for our business.

Property taxes are also taxed. This depends on the level of percentage depending on the present value of the property. You can easily get the tax bill of the property by multiplying the local rate for tax with the assessed value.

For those who have passed away after the first of January in the year 2005 after the change of the federal law, estate taxes and inheritance do not apply. The state however does not provide you with any sort of gift tax after the first of January in the year 1980.

There are fifteen funds where you can direct your money to. Bonds, stocks and bank accounts are not taxed. To get more information you can log onto the Colorado state tax website.


The ABCs of Tax Lien Investing


Are you interested in the profitability of 6 percent to 50 percent on your money, secured by a property tax lien against property?

Author Joel S. Moskowitz explains how investors can buy little-known tax lien certificates that pay high yields in his book, "16 percent solution"

As a bonus, although the author warns it rarely happens, the investor can get kicky and foreclose on the property. However, he warns that the property owners, as a rule, the redemption, so investors must be satisfied with only high yields.

What is a Tax Lien Certificate?

If the property owner does not pay taxes on the property, 27 countries and one thousand one hundred fifty-two cities and counties sell certificates of tax liens to investors. The government immediately receives property tax money. The investor buys a tax lien, which is then secured by real estate.

It gives evidence of a tax lien Var & # 39; iruetstsa depending on the state. The maximum rate in Arizona is 16 percent, FL pay as much as 18 percent, and in Michigan, the rate reaches 50 per cent in the second year. If the property owner does not redeem the property from the investor by paying the back taxes plus high interest rates, the investor receives the title and ownership of property.

New investors can start small, perhaps, invest a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, and then buy more certificates of property tax lien later. Despite the fact that that not all states are smart enough to offer tax certificates to expedite the collection of taxes, after reading this book, they know why they should.

At the time of this writing, the government is currently offering tax certificates include Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

outstanding books app lists the interest rate and the procedure of the state from the state. For real estate investors who want to get high yields without the physical asset management, this new book shows how to do it. It also explains a few pitfalls to avoid and how to buy the best die certificates with the highest profit opportunities.

On my scale of one to 10, this is an excellent book rates a solid 10.


Beets, Cherries and Loveland, Colorado


For many tourists, Loveland is the city they pass through on US 34 on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park. It is often converged with traffic, especially shoppers going to and from the major box stores in town. Just when one is ready to label the town as obnoxious, the road opens up onto Lake Loveland and its stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Joggers round the banks and families fish from its shores. Then when you finally break free of the town proper, you see signs pointing out the weird rock formations known as the Devil's Backbone. You realize there must be something more to Loveland than shopping and traffic.

Settlers in the 1850's to the region (later to be known as Loveland) first established a coach station for the Overland Stage Line while farmers set up homesteads around the Devil's Backbone and the Big Thompson River. When word came in the 1870's that a line of the Colorado Central Railroad would be constructed through the area, an introducing flour mill owner named David Barnes began platting a new town on eighty acres next to the surveyed line of the railroad. In 1881, the town of Loveland became incorporated, named after the president of the railroad, William Loveland. Loveland grows as a shipping point for ranchers and farmers.

Rather unbelievably, the principal crops were sugar beets and cherries. The Great Western Sugar Company operated out of Loveland from 1901 until 1985. In the 1920's, the Spring Glade was the largest cherry orchard west of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, droughts, blights, and killer freezes brought cherry farming to a close by 1960, but Loveland does hold an annual cherry pie celebration in July and cherry everything can be bought in tourist shops along 34. Now Loveland thrives as part of the Colorado high tech industry and forms a metropolitan region with its close neighbor, Fort Collins.

So what is there to do in Loveland near shop? Start with Lake Loveland. Although originally formed out of a swampy depression in the 1890's for farming irrigation and is now mainly owned by the City of Greeley as a public water supply, the lake and surrounding park offer all sorts of outdoor activities from swimming to tennis courts. The Benson Sculpture Park is located just north and boasts over a hundred sculptures in a beautiful outdoor setting. In fact, Loveland is an artist community with special art festivals in August.

Devil's Backbone offers over two thousand acres and twelve miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking as well as up close views of the towering rock formations.

If nothing else, at least add some extra romance by sending your prestamped valentine's card in a larger envelope to the Loveland Postmaster and have it imprinted with the official Loveland Valentine.


Research of Electrical Engineering degree from the Internet outside of the US


Search the world for a college, where you can learn the real electrical engineering degree online? If you plan to take part because the United States border, we can have some common solutions worth your attention.

Many countries have their own rules concerning the recognition of degrees from other countries. This is quite normal. Typically, in the US electrical degree online is not as easy to find, which may surprise some, especially if you are looking for accredited standard.

The options are: many But here are a few to get you started:

1. If DETC accredited bachelor's degree is sufficient in your country, then you can try the California National University website. Their accreditation status is widely recognized.

2. Another option worth your time at the University of North Dakota, which runs several ABET accredited electrical engineering diploma online, as well as a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. UND has only recently opened its doors to remote students through ABET accreditation, which can make all the difference for people who want or need to study this degree from home.

3. Devry University Online offers online electrical engineering degree and Avet list. You should check this particular qualification is accredited as:

4. In addition, according to Stony Brook University, a regionally accredited college that offers a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Online (BEEOL). Check out their ABET accreditation status too.

5. Electrical engineering degree online will definitely help you if your hobby with a & # 39 is the design of electronic devices and the like. In order to further develop your skills in this area, though, electronic engineering degree from the College of the world can be your best solution.

With a few variations, and many others, in addition to the engineering section of our website, as well as with a special approach to the implementation of your research in advance, you & # 39; You will find that the study of the degree in this subject on the Internet with a & # 39 is a convenient, affordable and definitely within reach.